The Power Within You Is Greater Than the Power Within the World - Santosh Kewlani

1. When and how did you choose to be a graphic designer?

When I was pursuing my 11th Standard in school I had a keen interest in making creative things, so I took an exam for B.Arch and got selected in one of the NIT’s. But due to some family conditions, I couldn’t leave Bhopal and had to do Bachelor’s in Bhopal only. 

But the urge inside me to do something out of the box, took me to the same road and I started designing during my 2nd Year of College and then with 2 of my Friends Harsh Surana & Hitarth Shrivastava, I started our startup. India’s first Personalisation Apparel Platform i.e Bazarville

2. What is the role and scope of work for a graphic designer?

Graphic Designing is a vast field and there are many paths to follow. One can choose a niche of his/her choice and build a career upon that. A graphic designer has to design everything you see from Print Media to Digital Media. 

But choosing a niche and following your instincts about what you specifically love in designing can make you big.

3. Which are some of the tools & software that a graphic designer must be aware of?

I am fond of using Adobe Creative Cloud which includes much software. I am currently using Adobe Illustrator for Vector graphics, Adobe Photoshop for Rasters, Adobe Indesign for Composing, Adobe After Effects for animation, Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing & Adobe Auditions for Audio Editing.

I consider Software is just a skill which one can Learn anytime in his life. The major thing to work on is ideation, conceptualization which you learn while working and making mistakes.

4. How in your opinion has this profession changed over the years?

Graphic Designing has evolved just like we have evolved during these years & that’s Rapid Acceleration. There’s huge potential in this profession which is unexplored by many Indians, just because there are many niches in which a designer can work and master that. 

It's like inside Graphic Designing there are different professions which are yet to be explored individually.

The real-life example is Me. I left a well-settled Corporate Job in Tata Consultancy Services to pursue my startup Bazarville & Designing.

5. Do you often have to keep upskilling yourself?

One needs to update himself daily by learning new skills, new concepts. According to me, one needs to design more & more to learn.

6. Which is your favorite book and why?

I have read many books like HC Verma, NCERT but my favorite is "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

The Power within you is greater than the power within the world. No one makes you feel good or bad, it's you who are thinking bad & good. All you have to do is to begin with good thoughts each day and negative thoughts will wipe out.

7. How can one develop a keen sense of design and aesthetics?

Practice makes a man perfect. Everyone says there is no such thing as perfection & nothing can be perfect. I think there’s perfection if you want to make it perfect. If you want to make a design perfect, keep making it until you think it’s the one you like & that’s Perfect. 

Until you strive for perfection you cannot make it perfect. Keep sharing your work within communities and learn from criticism.

One more important thing to learn is to consume, watch other designers, and try to decode their thought process behind that design, then match the same with their process by talking to them. This is a unique way to learn which involves core learning by your own and not some pre-made concepts.

- Santosh Kewlani, Graphic Designer

- Interviewed By: Pallavi Surana

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