Why Should You Choose Journalism As Your Career?


Journalism is a career based on writing or presenting news for the media. It is not solely a profession that requires one to visit places holding cameras and get coverage, there is a lot more that concerns Journalism. 

News is available everywhere. However, it is highly difficult to figure out the truth from the published reports. In this era, fake news is being fused with the truth and this causes lots of confusion and chaos among the public. The proliferation of fake news is mainly because of social media platforms that allow anybody to post news and circulate it among the public. It is passed on to each other without confirming its authenticity.

What Does the Media Do?

It is the duty of the press to report the reality as it is which is what the public needs. These days everybody runs behind sensational news and labor day and night to get the expected footage. The press must try to cater to the needs of the public. News that demands attention and requires immediate action often goes unnoticed. The need of the hour is to have sincere and smart working journalists to save this wonderful profession from becoming merely admirers of the entertainment industry.

Long before, a picture of a snake grabbing a fish got viral in social media. And the caption went like this ‘ A snake trying to save a fish from drowning. This is how news channels report the news.’ No doubt, it evoked laughter but it furthermore urged the people to contemplate how the news reports come to us these days. This calls for the pressing need for a network of genuine and passionate journalists. 

Why Journalism?

1. The Scope of Journalism

Journalism is a profession that will always remain alive. As long as humankind exists, the world will have news and information to be spread from one part of the world to another. So, it has immense scope for youngsters who have a passion for journalism.

2. It Suits Travel Lovers

If you love to travel and explore places, journalism offers you a chance to do so. You will not be confined to the office rather you will be assigned to report news from remote places also. Different cuisines, different lifestyles, different customs unfurl before your eyes and give you a different experience altogether. Journalism is not a tiresome job as some people say. It is one profession that gives you the opportunity to explore every day.

3. It Builds Your Reach

Your contact list starts to increase and you get acquainted with many people including professionals, politicians, and business magnets, and most importantly, you can study the lives of a common man. Besides, you can build your fame with persistent efforts and hard work.

4. Expand Your Knowledge

You will be the first to know about the happenings in the world. A majority of people just skim through the headlines only. But as a journalist, you will be familiar with every nook and corner of the news, and you will develop good insights on several issues as well. It increases your awareness and knowledge. You will always stay enlightened.

5. Bring About an All-Round Revolution

With a mic in your hand and fresh news in your pocket, you can, with your efficient and sharp language, speak to the world. If the report is given in all its actuality, people can decide on what to do next. Instead of creating panic among the public by disseminating news in a complicated manner, you can use your presentation skills to raise awareness and enlighten the public.

Journalism must not be biased. No political party or any other VIPs are to be favored while you release the news. 

Media has a big role to play in this modern age. The influence the media has on the people is not so trivial. Journalism is for those who are passionate about journalism and those who want to be a guide for inquisitive people. It should not be opted, just for the sake of minting money or building a fortune. Rather, it must be understood as a great service to society.

Written by - Maryam Salim

Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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