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Who doesn’t love to listen to the word  “Suprrrisseeeee!”? The general response would be no one as everyone loves it when people care for them and plan such events to showcase their importance in their life.

People love getting surprised and giving surprises to their loved ones equally. There are many events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, break-up parties and many more one can count on to give surprises. The moment when that special person who receives the surprise smiles and their eyes start to sparkle with excitement is itself a moment to remember for life. All the astonishment and fondness for surprises gave birth to surprise planning companies. 

There are many companies that plan surprises based on customers' interest for various occasions. It is an advantageous business because the model is quite simple and requires low investment. The  investment required includes immense creativity and passion in planning surprises. It aslo calls for arranging surprises based on requirements and working under a specific budget constraint. This is a profit-making business in many ways as it also demands less number of employees. Simply, it can be considered as a career that provides creativity in exchange for money.

Many people face hurdles while planning surprises and gifts to their loved ones on the special events of their life. Problems like difficulty in organizing, lack of creative thoughts, being in a long-distance relationship and many more are the commonly faced issues by most people. That's when the role of these businesses comes into play. All you need to do is contact one of these surprise planning companies that are efficient in planning surprises, gifts and endure beautiful decorations to make the occasion momentous. 

Here are some Indian Surprise planning companies you can look forward to the next time you need them. - Surprise Planners

It is a surprise and gifting platform that started in 2009, by Sakthivel Pannerselvam and RadhaKrishnan who wanted to start a business. It is located in Chennai, TamilNadu. It is one of the first of its kind of business model. The company is involved in organising a variety of surprises starting from simple surprises that include roses and balloons to luxurious and magnificent yacht adventures. The company’s motto is to create such an experience that the customer can never forget and to spread happiness. They spend most of the money on content creation rather than promoting their business. They bank mostly on “surprise factor” and their magic lies in giving personal touch to surprises as per customer’s delight. 


It is located in Hyderabad- Banjara Hills, Telangana. It provides surprises for birthday, anniversary, engagement, housewarming and various other events. It also provides customised cakes, gifts, cards and theme based decorations. They also provide a unique surprise model called a surprise prank that includes face mask prank, newspaper prank and many more. It is quite budget friendly and prices of these surprises range from Rs. 1900-10000. They also plan decorations that range from Rs. 2800-5000. Visit their website bookursurprise for more information.

The Majors & Minors 

This is a young team led by Deepak Rajkumar. They are available in Bangalore, Chennai and also in Coimbatore. They are involved in a lot of musical surprises like flash mobs and also sending a guitarist and singer to the doorstep of the special person. They believe music creates magic for any event and ensure that the music is played as the customer wishes. They have packages from indoor surprises to surprises including chartered flights, luxury cars and bikes. They have many surprises ranging from Rs. 499-20000 which include movie nights and deep blue surprises. The best selling surprises are Award of Excellence, Classic and  Flash mob. They have packages like premium, royal and elite as well. To have a quick review of surprises, have a look at The Majors & Minors.


It is located majorly in Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore and Jaipur. They provide various surprises for birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day and many more occasions. They are exceptional in organizing candle light dinners from pocket friendly range to that of 5 star hotels. The best seller is the dinner on the dunes. They also provide digital gifts and surprises all over India. Digital surprises include guitarist on a video call, E-news paper surprise, celebrity wishes and many more. They have 5 million-plus happy customers over 6 years. They have a user-friendly interface on their website which enables users to choose  their services easily. Check out their website here at CherishX

Jusst4You - Surprise Planners

It is located in Delhi and also extends it’s services to Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and each city has its own catalog of plans. They have various surprise categories like Marriage Proposals, Lockdown E- surprises, Prank it up, Romantic Dining and many more. All of these categories have various plans to explore. From simple midnight cake delivery surprises to an extravagant date planning, they organize everything. The prices are ranged depending upon the category and plan that the customer chooses. Best sellers are a wheely miracle, cabana tent in the garden, pink fade in decor, and many more. To explore more about the different  surprises offered, go checkout Jusst4You


It is located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bangalore and Pune. It has been started by a group of engineers and curators from top management colleges that are responsible for curating all the process. Their main target audience is couples and they provide all different activities that would excite them. They also plan home-decor, candlelight dinners, song surprises, digital gifts, home surprises and many more. They plan digital gifts, personalised apps, birthdays, anniversaries and various home surprises. They provide beautiful decorations for family functions and get-togethers. To find out more, visit TogetherV 


These companies depend completely on new ideas, creativity, organizing plans efficiently and building strong bonds with their customers. These companies make relationships stronger with their services. Along with a strong team, dedication and unique methods of promotions this business model is definitely a great one to work on. They make beautiful experiences with various decorations, surprises, and gifts. The dramatic marriage proposals, fascinating birthday parties, lovable father’s day and mother’s day and many more definitely remain as moments that are etched in customers hearts and can be made memorable with the help of these surprise planning companies. Give out their services a try when you plan your next surprise and enjoy it.

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Written By - Mahima Sreeram

Edited By - Bhanu Jain

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