10 Longest International Land Borders

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1. India-Pakistan (3323 Kms.) -

Ever since it came into existence in 1947, the border between India and Pakistan have seen countless conflicts in these years. It begins from the Line of Control in Kashmir in the north and continues to zero between The Indian state of Gujarat and till the Sindh province in Pakistan. This border is visible from space within the dark because of the 150,000 floodlights installed by India in that area.

2. Bolivia-Brazil (3403 Kms.) –

This border between Bolivia and Brazil passes through hostile deserts and forests areas. The first and foremost border treaty between these two countries was signed in 1867 but was the subject of much dispute in the later years due to an acre which was mistakenly detached as an area of Bolivia. The dispute was finally settled in 1903 with the Treaty of Petropolis during which Bolivia ceded Acre to Brazil.


3. Mongolia-Russia (3452 Kms.) – 

This border was established by the Treaty of Kyakhta in 1727. During the Mongolian Revolution of 1911, the tiny state of Tuva was separated from Mongolia and became an independent country in 1921. Tuva was eventually annexed into the Soviet Union in 1944, forming this border. There are officially ten crossing points within the border, two of which are railway crossings.


4. India-China (3488 Kms.) – 

This border was made because the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that includes the western sector of the border region and also the McMahon Line within the east. Certain parts of the 3488-kilometre-long border are subject of much dispute especially at Aksai Chin and also the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, which China claims as its own. In 2013, both nations signed a border defence cooperation agreement.


5. India-Bangladesh (4096 Kms.) – 

The highly porous border between Bangladesh and India which spans a length of 4,096kms has seen numerous infiltrations of people into the Indian territory from Bangladesh. The border runs along the boundaries of five Indian states in the northeast of the country and 6 divisions of Bangladesh. Certain areas of the border have fences but because of the geographical barriers, it has been impossible to erect border fences everywhere.


6. China-Russia (4179 Kms.) – 

The Sino-Russian border consists of two non-adjoined sections; the longer eastern section and the shorter western section. The eastern one extends to over 3,500 kilometres beginning at the China-Mongolia-Russia tri-point and ends at the Tumen River. The western border covers less than 100 kilometres in length and mainly covers the snow-covered region of the Altai Mountains.


7. Mongolia-China (4630 Kms.) –

Mongolia shares a thorough boundary with both China and Russia, but its border with China is way longer at 4,677 kilometres. This border touches both the Mongolia-Russia border and the China-Russia border with the eastern end encompassing an area of The Gobi, while its western end is found just 55km from the Kazakhstan-Russia border.


8. Chile-Argentina (6691 Kms.) –

The border between Argentina and Chile is that the longest international border in South America at 5300 kilometres, definitely one of the longest land borders on Earth. Although Chile is way smaller than Argentina, its length along the southwestern neighbourhood of South America resulted during this extensive border. The Boundary Treaty of 1881 signed between two countries laid the groundwork for demarcating the borders for nearly all of Chile’s and Argentina’s shared border.


9. Russia-Kazakhstan (7644 Kms.) –

The international land border between Kazakhstan and Russia is that the longest continuous international border on the Earth covering a distance of 6,846 kilometres. The prevailing border was formed in 1930 but only became a world border when the USSR was dissolved in 1991. This posed some problems for the railway line together because a branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway had to travel through two border crossings. Eventually, in 2017, the two countries agreed to allow transit trains without border control.


10. Canada-USA (8893 Kms.) –

The longest international land border on Earth is between the countries - Canada and the USA. The massive boundary also includes the border that Canada shares with Alaska. Each of thirteen U.S. states and at least eight Canadian provinces and territories are located along the border. In all time, the border has undergone several changes that include various treaties being signed. 



Written by – Ritika Singh

Edited by – Bushra Makhdoomi


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