15 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women entrepreneurship nowadays is becoming very good topic as women can also work equally like men. They also can touch the heights of success by hard work and intelligence with innovative ideas.

Woman is working in every field and area of development whether it is social or economic. They are creating equal opportunities for them to come up with their talent. 

The increasing presence of women in the business field as entrepreneurs has changed the demographic characteristics of business and economic growth of the country.

There are many successful entrepreneurs which created unique identity in business world. They have their own story of success. All of them were ordinary people before becoming an entrepreneur. They are listed as follows:

Vandana Luthra – The Founding Father of VLCC

Vandana Luthra is an Indian businesswoman, philanthropy and chairperson of the sweetness & Wellness sector skills council (B&WSSC). In 1989, she stared the corporate called VLCC as a beauty and slimming service center. 

Later, she added more services like hair build full-body laser, grooming and Dermat services. Vandana Luthra has been running an NGO called Khushii, which offers a scholarship for free of charge education to those that are underprivileged and physically challenged.

2. Ritu Kumar – The Style Designer

Ritu Kumar is an Indian dressmaker who began her Fashion career in Kolkata. Initially, she was making bridal wear and . After decades, she entered a world market. She has been operating her business in several different forging cities France and newyork.

3. Indra Nooyi – The Member of Amazon

Indra Nooyi may be a former CEO of PepsiCo, who has joined Amazon’s board of directors 1994, she started performing at PepsiCo, later she led the corporate as CEO from 2006 to 2018. In Feb 2019, she elected a member of Amazon’s board of directors. In 2017, she held title world’s 11th powerful woman as per Forbes.

4. Aditi Gupta – The Co-founder of Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta is an author and co-founder of the Menstrupedia. Aditi and her husband created a comic book for instance and educate girls about menstruation. Later, they created an internet site called menstrupedia.com. 
5. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal – Cofounder & CMO, Shopclues.com

Equipped with quite 15 years of selling experience in several industries like Fashion, lifestyle, advertising PR, etc. She became Cofounder of Shopclues.com. In 2011, the corporation was founded in Silicon Valley. Today, this e-commerce business has become India’s largest fully managed marketplace and has over 7 million visitors monthly. 

6. Swati Bhargava - CashKaro

Brought up within the village of Ambala, Swati Bhargava has achieved tons within the few short years of her career. Swati is understood for being the co-founder of CashKaro.com, India’s largest Cashback & Coupons web site. She over the years has taken CashKaro to new heights and made it the sole VC backed cashback site in India

7. Shraddha Sharma - YourStory

Born in Patna, Shradha Sharma is that the founding father of Your Story which may be a media platform for entrepreneurs in India. She started Your Story back in 2008 and after a roller coaster journey has taken the media platform to new heights. 

Under Shradha Your Story is now Asia’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs. YourStory has told stories of over 40,000 entrepreneurs and reaches bent over 10 million niche readers everywhere the planet.

8. Naiyya Saggi - BabyChakra

Mumbai based Naiyya Saggi is that the founding father of BabyChakra which helps parents to form the proper maternity & childcare decisions. With BabyChakra, Naiyya brought the huge maternal and childcare industry of India online and to the digital economy. 

Founded in 2015, BabyChakra has rapidly become the most important platform for young mothers. What’s more, their app is now the #1 parenting app on Playstore in India.
9. Falguni Nayar - Nykaa

Falguni is more referred to as the founder and CEO of Nykaa.com, she had achieved tons under Kotak even before she found Nykaa. After serving Kotak for over 18 years, Falguni quit to start out Nykaa which today has made it easy to access beauty products across India.

Falguni is now aiming to form Nykaa into IPO and has recently become an omnichannel with the launch of 17 Nykaa stores in PAN India.
10. Rashmi Daga - FreshMenu

She gave it all up in 2014 to get the inspiration of FreshMenu. FreshMenu offers a daily-changing menu with recipes which aren't just from India but from round the world. These include keto-friendly menus, LCHP (low carb-high protein) menus, and salad meals.

Its assorted menu makes FreshMenu fashionable people that are health-conscious or dieters as they also deliver. They need a good-developed delivery team, which type these food items in a desk-friendly packaging that are convenient for everybody.
11. Shubhra Chadda - Chumbak

Shubhra always wanted to be an entrepreneur and run her own business. The thought of Chumbak became a reality in 2009 and from there on there's no looking back. Her idea with Chumbak was to feature a touch of fun and color to travelers in order that they might take back a touch piece of India with them. 

Within 5 years they evolved to become a lifestyle brand that likes to change the way India looks at design. Chumbak now also offers vibrant products across 100 categories and plans to expand onto the worldwide map.
12. Upasana Taku - MobiKwik

After working with various prestigious companies like PayPal, Upasna moved back to India in 2008. She and her husband found MobiKwik in 2010 after they realized that a platform like PayPal was unprecedented in India.

With MobiKwik, Upasana now's a part of a pivotal company in India which has India’s digital future in mind. She plans to steer MobiKwik into a financial

13. Manisha Raisinghani - LogiNext
LogiNext is among the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Asia, which give solutions to manage and optimize logistics and field workforce operations. Founded by Manisha Raisinghani and her college classmate in 2014 LogiNext uses an algorithm that uses the provided information to supply a leaner, faster and self-orchestrated solution to a company’s logistics problems at a way cheaper rate.

14.  Kanika Tekriwal - JetSetGo

Founded in 2014, Kanika aims to form JetSetGo ‘the Uber of the skies.’ She now runs a business that gives people a platform where they will visit multiple cities during a day. In 2018 JetSetGo expanded to possess its own Sky Shuttle service and now offers jets and helicopters to individuals who wish to avoid dalliance.
15.  Chetna Gala Sinha - Mann Deshi Bank

An Indian social activist working to empower women of rural India, Chetna started the Mann Deshi Bank back in 1996. She had aimed to show women entrepreneurial skills and providing them access to land and other means of production. 

The Mann Desi Bank is merely for ladies and is currently one among the most important microfinance banks in Maharashtra.
Written By - Umme Amara Shaikh

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