6 Tips to Deal With a Professional Call


We live in the era of chatting and emails where everyone is involved digitally, but phone calls are still preferred to connect with a customer or while conducting business. The real reason why people prefer calling is that when we call someone, we live in the moment where we don't have time to think, and the response is instant than those chats or emails where we have plenty of time to think about the perfect response.

In today's world, companies need to have employees that respond to their client calls professionally. It increases the company's goodwill and helps expand their business because people will be happy to refer them to their friends and family. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve that -

1. Always Answer On Time

The first thing to do when you have a call coming through is to pick it up on time. But not too soon because it can catch people off-guard. And not too late as it will leave a wrong impression. So, if the average phone ring is six times, then pick it up after 2-3 rings.

2. Be Warm And Happy

After picking up the call, you need to show that you have a happy and helping attitude, so the person on the other end feels comfortable talking to you. And always remember that "A positive attitude is fundamental to delivering a positive outcome". The main goal here is to satisfy customer expectations.

3. Introduce Yourself First

When you are talking with the customer, instead of asking his/her purpose of calling, you should first introduce yourself and your business, which will indicate that they have called the right place. You can say, "Hi, this is Ajay, you have reached ABC Industries, how may I help you?"

4. Listen Carefully

Always pay attention to your customer and listen carefully throughout the conversation. It means hearing everything they have to say and responding based on their comments instead of following a script. This proves that you are present with your customer. You can even take notes, so you know the problem they were facing, and you can jump to any topic by seeing your notes instead of asking them to repeat themselves.

5. Speak Clearly and Use Proper Language

When you talk on the phone, you cannot see body language, so always be as clear as possible. Don't shout or talk loudly; instead, be calm, so you don't have to repeat yourself. A strong, confident voice can make a customer trust you more, which will lead to effective communication. 

The critical component of professionalism in a phone call is the language. Always be respectful when you are on the phone. It is best to use a formal tone and vocabulary.

6. Be Honest

Sometimes you might have to transfer a client's call to someone else because you cannot understand the problem. Be honest because we are all human and can make mistakes. It's best to confess rather than making an excuse. 


The world is going too fast nowadays, and to be the best out there, you need to act as you belong there, and you can't do that by lacking professionalism, so use these tips that I mentioned to excel in your field.


Written by - Tarun Agrawal

Edited by - Mayank Tak

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