8 Tips to Impress Your Boss


Starting a new job can be stressful, and what is even more so is trying to impress your boss. You need to stand out from your colleagues so that your hard work is appreciated and fruitful in the future. Every proposal, every appraisal depends on how your performance and what your superiors think of you.

Here are 8 tips that will help you in impressing your boss -

1. Work Smart, Not Hard

You working ceaselessly for hours is not what is going to make your boss appreciate you. Rather it is how much heart and thought you put in your work. Your superiors would be happier if you showed interest in your work and come up with new ideas to make the workflow efficient and exciting. 

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2. Be Proactive

Throughout any project, you and your team are bound to hit a snag. Instead of you encountering the problem and then informing your boss of it, be proactive and try to visualize what difficulties you might face during the course of a project. Try to avoid them and if you inevitably hit one, prepare a set of countermeasures. Take these solutions to the boss rather than the problem.

3. Be a Team Player

When you work with a team, you learn how to interact with people who have opinions that differ from yours. You learn the interpersonal dynamics of collaborating. An employer looks for people who can work smoothly with others and boost collective efficiency.

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4. Manage Your Time Well

While on a job, you need to make sure you are punctual in your actions. Reach your workplace on time. Finish your work on time. Moreover, do not wait for deadlines to finish something assigned to you. Make time for it and finish it early. This makes your employer believe in your seriousness for the job. 

5. Take Initiative

Be ready to take charge of situations. If there is a problem, take it upon yourself to resolve it. If a new team is to be formed, nominate yourself to be in it, or even to lead it. When you go out of your way to make the firm's betterment your responsibility, your employers are sure to appreciate your efforts.

6. Be Socially Active

Remember, all work and no play made Jack a dull boy. Don't just think of your colleagues and superiors as people you only see at work and only talk to them about work-related matters. Be personal; people are more comfortable with someone with whom they talk casually.

7. Focus

Let us get down to the brass tacks. You have to focus. You cannot be found sitting in your cubicle browsing through online shopping or social media sites during work hours. Just do your work diligently, and your efforts are bound to shine through.

8. Ask for Feedback

Say you have completed some task that was assigned to you. Now you must approach your superior to ask for some constructive criticism. Take note of the advice and try to implement it the next time you are up for a task. This not only makes you better at your job but also assures the superior of your enthusiasm for improving yourself.

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You need to make sure that you have a healthy work-life balance. You won't be impressed if you are stressed out all of the time. Impressing the higher-ups is not about chatting up to them and complimenting them all the time. It is about you putting your work on display or them to see and them taking note of it.

Written by - Mayank Tak

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