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Amol Purandare
A well informed career counselor with taking into consideration the present and future career trends as per changing industry and business dynamics. 

1. Tell us more about your journey and background.

Firstly my Academic qualifications: 

Bachelor of Science with a specialization in chemistry. Bachelor's degree in Education. 

MBA in marketing and international business. 

Certificate in European business. Diploma in international airline management. 

2. How can a career counselor help someone take a more informed decision? 

In this highly evolving and fast-changing world, it is important to stay ahead in technology. 

A well informed career counselor with taking into consideration the present and future career trends as per changing industry and business dynamics. 

The career counselor will take into consideration the profile and interest of the student. In some instances, the help of the Psychometric /DMIT test will be suggested to ascertain career predictions though no prediction is 100 percent correct in this regard.

However, an inclination towards a particular stream can be ascertained so the student can be suggested appropriate career options & aspirations of the student must be closely matched with the best possible career avenues. 

The economic situation of the student's family must also be taken into consideration as affordability is also a concern due to rising costs. 

Lastly, a good career counselor will also provide all possible info to the student about scholarship and financial aid available from the institution as well as other agencies. 

A proper career path chalked taking all important parameters into consideration will help the career counselor to arrive at a proper solution. 

3. How do you go about assessing someone and making recommendations? 

The assessment may be made on academic achievements made by the student as well as extracurricular activities undertaken by the student. 

Apart from the above few students have certain aims and aspirations a detailed study of every student will enable the career counselor to guide the student suitably. 

4. What according to you are the key differences between studying in India vs abroad? 

Key differences are multicultural and international exposure... 

Differences in the Education system and course curriculum as well as the method of delivery and assessment as well as the industry-oriented approach provides the student with a different skill set and a multicultural approach provides a lateral thinking ability beneficial for the student. 

The student also becomes independent and bold in making certain life making decisions. 

5. How can one decide if they need to go and see a career counselor? 

As soon as the student enters the age group of 12 to 14 years it is highly recommended to visit a career counselor with the grades and achievements of the student in academic and extracurricular activities. 

Both the parents must visit the career counselor with the child and share the academic and extracurricular achievements of the child with his study and behavior patterns. 

Parents must also visit a career counselor to seek guidance for future career aspirations of the child as soon as the child is nearing 14 years of age. 

A lot of children have multiple career interests, many are confused, many have aspirations but do not know the way at this juncture it is important to visit a career counselor. 

6. Which is your favorite book and why? 

My favorite book is " Success through a positive mental attitude ". 

The book provides guidance to people to be successful in life despite failures and to capitalize on them as well as seek every opportunity in life. This book emphasis on developing a positive mental attitude of the people. 

Apart from the above, I love to read "Shrimad Bhagvat Gita" published by ISKCON as it provides spiritual guidance and presents realities of life and answers to questions not found elsewhere. This provides information on how to lead a good and disciplined life spiritually. 

Amol Purandare

Amol Purandare

Career Counselor

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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