Collaborations Are A Great Idea to Connect With People and Also For Making Content - Anita Das

I see a whole new sensation of designer quirky and cool masks now which is an essential in this new normal and I believe it is becoming a style statement while brides are rocking masks with their lehengas to hip hop outfits.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Had a loving family but was bullied at school because of how I looked, that has nothing to do with what the little girl was from inside, I had a squint in my right eye and my right side of head had a dominant visible huge bulge of skin clotted inside from the time of my birth.

Other kids, classmates, even few aunties called me with various names "bhengi, Kaani, alien" and the worst was when I was playing with one my friends in the park and her mom came and said "chalo! Kaha ghumti rehti ho aade tede logo k sath", (referring to me). 

I was hardly 7-8 years old and cried a lot that day and always asked my mom why God has made me like this? She always said I am the prettiest. In my teenage years, this bullying got silent behind my back. I was always good in academics, teacher’s favorite but I had very few friends. 

I was a shy girl, completely opposite to what I am today. One day me and my dad went for a regular eye check up and there comes my turning point my doctor suggested for a squint removal surgery and I was on the seventh cloud I didn’t know this surgery even existed and was possible. 

I got operated after few days, I am still getting excited thinking about the time how eagerly I wanted my eye bandage to get removed and wow no more squint, and also I got 3 head surgeries done before that for the removal of the clotted bulge from my head. 

I was in grade 9th and everyone started noticing me and then I never ever heard Kani bhengi for me again. That was the time I gained a little confidence but still very conscious about my stitch marks of head surgeries so created this hairstyle hiding my right eye side with side parting hair but after that eventually started taking care of my personality and worked on my confidence.

Slowly I developed a keen interest in fashion and during my graduation I was pursuing to be a journalist then when I started this page 'The Style Stories' with an aim to make a happy corner to share my style and creativity with everyone!

And I kept on doing it without expecting anything but eventually it’s been more than three years now in this field and also I have pursued Creative Fashion Styling from NIFT Delhi and it has been one year since I am working as stylist too. My mother has been my strongest and greatest support

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram?

I always wanted to do something creative and I was naturally attracted to fashion related things and I found this the best platform when I started it and I didn’t expect anything but loved exploring.

3. Do you think that there will be a new style statement or fashion obsession with the new normal? If so what would be your choice and why?

I see a whole new sensation of designer quirky and cool masks now which is an essential in this new normal and I believe it is becoming a style statement while brides are rocking masks with their lehengas to hip hop outfits.

4. Is it financially sustainable to be a fashion blogger today?

It is, after a certain point but I would suggest in the begging you should have other stable source of income as you need to invest in buying fancy outfits, photo shoot or travel. Eventually when get stronger build a business out of it.

5. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

Stay happy in whatever you do, do it whole hearted-ly without any greed with dedication and love for your passion, you will see opening ways for you!

6. Who is your favorite fashion blogger and why?

Komal Pandey, she is fiercely confident and her sense of styling is unmatchable and the way she carries herself and everything is a sign how powerful her thoughts are as a person.

7. Do you have any tips for people who want to join this field?

Just be calm and keep on exploring, don’t be scared of judgments, one day everything will be worth it. And yes collaborations are great idea to connect with people and also making content.

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

I haven’t seriously read any novels or books other than my study books but yes I love watching series and movies and some of my favorite series are Panchayat and Four more shots season 1.

- Interview by - Chamanth Krishna

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