Create the Life You Can't Wait to Wake up To! - Shanti Javadekar

1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I am from Mumbai but I studied at boarding school in Panchgani from 4th grade to 12th grade. Professionally, I am a mix! I started out being an interior designer, went on to become a cabin crew with jet airways, followed by becoming an event planner!

Now I am a full-time artist and a workshop instructor. It has been quite a journey for me. All the transitions of fields were unplanned and just happened! My life is a series of unexpected and random twists and turns personally and professionally which I myself didn't see coming!

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a painter/illustrator?

I always loved to create things for my friends and family and in school, I always enjoyed doing my projects and helping my friends with theirs. When I was working as an event planner, I would create at work and post my creations on Instagram with the thought of documenting my daily practice.

In 2017, one of my followers messaged me asking if I taught Hand lettering, before replying to her I googled "what is hand lettering?" and it was then I realized that what I am creating has a name! Post that I replied to that message saying yes! and ever since it has been a chain reaction of workshops and full-time jobs!

Just recently on 1st August, I quit my full-time job to pursue my creative side full time. Let's see how it goes. Knowing how unpredictable life is and that usually plans to go otherwise I am taking it 1 day at a time.

I am an extremely spontaneous creator. You will always see a random new creation on my feed daily since I do not plan my feed. I am more of a go with the flow kind when it comes to creating and this randomness helps me avoid the most dreaded 'CREATIVE BLOCK'. I haven't faced that yet. :) touch wood!

3. Is it a financially stable career?

Not yet. It is a struggle to earn money with what I do. I am always faced with people asking me to create for free or tell me that I shouldn't charge. Being a full-time artist is tough when you are faced with such situations where people like your work but don't wish to pay for it. If we have a Hobby that we love but doesn't support us financially then we need a job that can support our hobby till the hobby supports us! 

PS: Giving up is not an option where genuine love for something is concerned!

4. Who is your favourite illustrator and why?

I love Amy from @amytangerine. I love colours and so does she because of which I like and relate to her creations and her too.

5. Where do you get inspired to create art?

My daily life, some days are happy, some are not so happy. Words help me convey my feelings and that results in my daily creations on my Instagram feed. I cannot really convey what I want to say verbally which is why hand lettering helps me do that effortlessly.

6. What does your typical day look like?

There goes a saying "Create the life you can't wait to wake up to!". This is exactly how my life is at the moment. From the minute I wake up to just before going to bed you will find me engrossed in creating something or the other! My day will go either in workshops, commission work, or creating for practice.

I am an introvert by nature so most of the time you will find me doing my own thing peacefully. Apart from the creating part, I also help with daily home chores that we all by default have! Oh, and I love watching Netflix and amazon prime. So yes every day has some time for that!

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring illustrators?

I would love them to love what they CAN create while they learn to get better at it. Being a creative person is a default life setting. So every day is a learning and practice to be better at what we do. and create because you want to and because you love to.

Please don't compare your creations with others. It's not fair to you! Lastly, people who relate to your work will always reach out to you. Continue creating with love.

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am a hopeless romantic, I love all the books by the publishing house 'Little Black Dress'. Also lately I have been reading a lot of self-help books out of which "BIG MAGIC" by Elizabeth Gilbert is my favourite. She reassured me to believe in what I do no matter what.

Interview By - Geetika Bali

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