Don't Ever Glance at Someone Else's Ladder to Success - Adhik Mehta (TV Actor)

My Mantra of success is just to focus on yourself. Don't ever glance at someone else's ladder to success. Just work on yourself and work hard to be able to stand out.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

So basically I'm from Delhi and always wanted to be a part of this industry and in 2017 I shot my first advertisement and after that my journey started and I was pretty sure about accomplishing my goals and step by step I am doing it.

I used to do ushering for Book My Show and I did my schooling from Salwan Public School and then I did my graduation in bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

After that, I pursued my Master's in Mass Communication from the Guru Jambheshwar University of Distance Education but I had to drop out as I got my first TV show 'Bepanah Pyaar' by Balaji Telefilms then I ended up in Kumkum Bhagya.

2. Did you ever think or dream of being an actor?

I always wanted to become an actor and this craze was from childhood. I am inspired by each and every actor from the industry as everyone has there distinct aura and I love everyone but the top of the list was always the one and only Mr Hrithik Roshan.

I used to have posters of him in my room newspaper cuttings and I used to work out with my uncle (mom's real brother) when I used to spend a vacation at Nani's house.

I always found acting the best job for me and to excel in this, I joined the theatre to learn about how deep this art form is and I was an introvert child so thought that theatre will help me to get rid of it.

3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to become an actor?

So firstly, I want everyone to clear their mind and think again whether they are attracted towards the camera. By which I mean being in front of the camera or by the fame they receive once they are on TV.

It is very important to understand these aspects as if you'll run towards fame then you'll not be titled as "LAMBI RACE KA GHODA" but on the other hand if you want to just act and keep only acting in mind, man you'll be the best in the group.

If I talk about confidence once you try to act in front of someone maybe a person or a group then you'll get to know how much far you are standing from your confidence. Just practice and practice and take experience, confidence will automatically come towards you.

If you'll approach a director and say that 'Sir, just give me one chance, make me a hero or just give a small role in your film or serial', I'm sorry but the industry doesn't work like this audition is must and if you want to approach someone you must have some links of your self made auditions.

4. If not this, what would you be doing?

I always made this clear that I want to become an actor and this is the aim of my life. No one can snatch that from me. I would like to deeply thank my Mom for constantly supporting me and being my backbone all the time.

5. For a complete outsider with inroad, what advice would you like to give?

I am a complete outsider and I'll be very honest. I always have a small fear that will I be able to land my foot in this industry. But soon I realized that where ever you go, whatsoever industry you want to land in, just believe in yourself and rest God will take care.

He's always got your back, but don't forget to keep hard work in your pockets. God helps those who help themselves.

6. What is your mantra of success?

My Mantra of success is just to focus on yourself. Don't ever glance at someone else's ladder to success. Just work on yourself and work hard to be able to stand out.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I haven't read any book since 11th grade and that novel was The Canterville Ghost as my school used to make it compulsory for the 11th graders. But I would love to read books and my viewers can dm me on Instagram (@adhikmehta) and suggest me some.

Interview By - Shruti Kaval

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