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Jaypanee Singh Rajpoot

Every woman's contribution needs to Empower our nation by helping in the economy. 

1. Tell us more about your company and your journey. Give a short biography of yourself. 

Srishta Technology Pvt. Ltd, a company that provides end-to-end IT services, from Development, Designing to maintenance. We are into Android and iOS app development, Web Application development. And mainly our service is qualitative as well as cost-effective. 

We want to give an alternative choice of apps and software's so that we can keep our user data into our own country safely. Why so much dependency on other country software and app creators. To overcome this we have to build many apps that have millions of users. 

My Bio: 

This is Jaypanee Sigh Rajpoot, COO, and Co-founder of Srishta Technology Pvt. Ltd. I had done B.E in CSE Stream from NRI COLLAGE BHOPAL / RGPV University. 

I am From the Very smallest Tahsheel Of Madhya Pradesh Ajaygarh, It is a small town. But to peruse my dream we came along way to Delhi. Behind every journey, there is dedication, Determination, the tenacity of work. and I Damn believe in it. 

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it? 

In India still, there is so much gap between people and technology so we are trying to make a bridge to fill the gap. Technology now a day's not like something out of the box if we see the global standards. 

This is common but here still we need to work on it so that in a massively the way people can bring the ideas in front of the world and can take the advantage of technology. 

We do help Small SME's to grow their business and ideas. so we want to provide the solution for every individual so they can increase their business model using our innovative system. 

Srishta Technology's vision is to be the firm choice of every individual and entrepreneur who has an idea to change the world and want to convert their ideas into reality. Our objective is to help our clients every individual to meet their goals through our services and customized solutions. 

3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome that? 

When you start from zero it requires building a team to whom one can do trust because everything is transparent when you work from one room so this is very important to choose the right and honest team and resources. A loyal team creates when you help them with their odds. That's How We did. 

Secondly Being an Entrepreneur You cannot depend on one source of income. You need to get ready to find more options for income because the whole team depends on you and once they feel their future is at risk, They do feel demotivated and uncertain. 

So thumb Rule doesn't have to depend on one source of income. Explore and find multiple sources of financial growth. 

4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur? 

I don't know really what is those important qualities of successful entrepreneurs but something is certain as day and night that I believe once you dig into your venture never turn back never ever.

Even I am not as successful as I am assuming myself to be but one thing is very clear to us is that we are unstoppable to Succeed. 

5. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business? 

1. Know Your Competitor 

As an entrepreneur, you need to know who your competitors and the weaknesses of your competitor can create an advantage for you. 

2. Don’t tackle huge markets at first 

Avoid expanding into large markets in the initial stages. It's okay to do for 1% Meet the market’s unique needs by offering something new and compelling. 

3. Understand The Market Standard 

Speak the market’s language and understand its hot buttons. 

4. Customer feedback and adaption 

This is extremely important to understand User Needs, behaviors that what exactly they are looking for. and ask them to give feedback. 

6. What are your tips for the first time and aspiring entrepreneurs? 

It’s been said a million times that the best way to learn in business is to simply start something. So really, if you want to be an entrepreneur, what’s stopping you? First, let’s explore some common excuses. 

For example, I m not good at technical This is probably the most dangerous excuse out there. A seemingly infinite amount of people are stuck thinking that they don’t have the technical or business chops to start something. 

To start something it requires some calculation and courage to start. Ideas Never come into your door of the mind. To get the idea you need to see the problem people are facing out there and then find out the solution to that problem and it will be itself a great great idea. So simply find the solution to the problems. 

The best way to develop this entrepreneurial skill set is by getting hands-on experience. This creates a crossroads that leads to paralysis by analysis and inaction. 

7. How can one overcome a hurdle of lack of funds when starting up? 

We believe A Great idea Do not need Investors, an Investor Needs Ideas to invest On so don't worry about it. Initially, Not much amount of money required to invest in your ideas in this Tech entrepreneur Venture. 

We haven't experienced other sectors yet. And we have developed such products like CMM Launcher 2020 and many investors reached us to invest in. So luckily Our product is going well and as per our experience, we believe You need investors to expand and scale your business not to start your idea. 

Once you start your venture You must keep on top of all of your expenses, income, and balance sheet. Many startups have failed because the entrepreneur wasn’t able to adjust spending to avoid running out of cash. Maintain a low overhead. 

Be frugal with expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. Learn to live on a shoestring budget until meaningful revenues start to flow in. 

Message For Women: 

Empower yourselves Do what is right, not what is easy. Never stop dreaming, and never stop working hard for your dreams. Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do. 

Every girl who wants to do something great in her life then you will have to come out with that thought "Log kya khenge (what others will say)."

Especially If you are a small-town girl and turning the age of marrying so You are going to face a lot keep all that critics constructively. and prove them wrong that yessssss you were damn wrong. 

I really love & respect all the women who do work instead of complaining and give excuses. Being independent is a really important size of work type of work that never matters. 

Nobody is going to talk about your luxury car or expensive watch nor are they going to talk about whether you wore a 500$ shirt or a 5$. None of this would be talked about and almost all such things would be forgotten. 

But, People would talk about the interactions they had with you. People would talk about your stories & would tell other people how you made them a special feel. And, If you made them feel alive when you were around, then, believe me, Even if you die today, you will be alive for them in their hearts forever. 

This is all about supporting each other as much we can and Also Every woman's contribution needs to Empower our nation by helping in the economy. 

Jaypanee Singh Rajpoot

Jaypanee Singh Rajpoot 

COO/ Co-Founder 

Interviewed by Tuhina Rana

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