If Flying Were Easy Everyone Would Do It - David Briceño

1. Tell us about your journey? 

This beautiful love story for aviation started when I was 10 years old and I made my first flight on the airline for which I work today. 

That day I saw for the first time these incredible machines having the opportunity to fly with a pilot who was my father´s friend and allowed me to fly in the cockpit, being totally amazed at what I could observe. 

From that day I knew that I was born to fly, once I finished school, I traveled to study in the United States obtaining my commercial pilot degree then I started working in the airline that I always dreamed and since then I work with them. 

.2. What qualities make a good pilot and what should one know about this profession? 

The most important qualities that a pilot needs are dedication, responsibility, and constant study as it is a profession in which new procedures are created every day and it is very important to be updated. 

What you should know about being a pilot is that it is a career of constant learning, regardless of the experience you have every day you learn something new and along the way, you live unforgettable experiences. 

3. Where did you do your training from and which institute would you recommend? 

I studied at Airline Career Academy a school in the United States that unfortunately no longer exists and my recommendation is to study in the USA if possible since they have better training, technology, and last generation aircraft. 

4. What's the best piece of flying advice given to you? 

The best advice was given to me by a flight instructor and it was that ´´if flying were easy, everyone would do it´´ this taught me that if I really wanted to be an outstanding professional I would have to do my best and dedicate myself to the maximum. 

5. What advice would you pass on to someone who wants to be a pilot? 

My personal advice is that this more than a profession should be your greatest passion, you must enjoy to the fullest every stage of your life as a pilot and marvel at the unique perspective of the world offered by this magnificent profession. 

6. What does success look like to you in this job? 

Success is achieved at different moments in your professional career. For me, the first flight you successfully complete with passengers on board is a unique experience that rewards all your dedication and study. 

Another moment that marks our success is when you manage to fly the plane you have always dreamed of. In my case, flying the Boeing 787 was a spectacular achievement. 

7. Which is your favorite book and why? 

My favorite book is Fate is the hunter a pilot’s memoir, this book recounts the life of Ernest k Gann and teaches us the early days of commercial aviation. Allowing us to make an analysis of the past and present of aviation showing us the great changes that it has experienced and all its evolution. 

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David Briceño

Commercial Pilot

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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  1. It is a real pleasure to share my story and motivate new generations to achieve their dreams. Thank You.