Indian Media - A Bizarre Hypocrisy

The second most populated country in the world has a widespread outrage going on due to the intertwining of the general public sentiments and the acts of the Indian Media likewise. 

Focus on Irrelevant Matters

With the simultaneous increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and the decrease in the overall GDP rate of the country, the Indian Media is quite adamant in focussing upon the irrelevant and spicy matters that would increase the TRP of their respective news channels.

The debates conducted on these channels are meant to provide the pros and cons of the subject matter under discussion and to have an overview of contradictory dilemma regarding a raised issue. 

However, even the matters concerning the welfare of the country and the general citizens of India, every debate held is being conducted upon ugly political aspects. The country has successfully developed into the battlefield of various confederations.

The presence of media everywhere should have been considered a sign of pride, as it highlights the per-second documentation of active information and news. The same notion is no more in force as of recent times. The presence of media, these days, implants a sense of fear and disgust. 

The media is nowhere present to cover the most important issues and incidents, whereas paparazzi is omnipresent.


Media was never meant to showcase only positive aspects; it was mandated to also allow the criticism of the decisions taken by the Centre. 

The media today focuses on highlighting the ugly aspects of the irrelevant or rather the less important parts of the Indian Society, making them look like a signature meant to be hated. 

While doing this, the real picture of the country is not being held at the limelight it deserves to be. Unnoticed things might result in horrible outcomes that might be prevented, thinking over the long-term.

The severity of the news shown over the national news networks is being judged by its ability to create spicy controversy, rather than its subject matter. From Bollywood to Politics, the Indian media has restricted its boundaries, thus excluding the importance to focus upon the problems of existence. 

It's high time for bringing up a solution to fight the existential crisis, which is being faced by numerous families.

The current pandemic has made us a prisoner of our own faults. However, the uplines have no interest in rectifying the things that should not have been done. If proper things would have been given adequate attention, we would have been the part of a better India. 

Public sentiments matter and the media is successfully using it as a weapon to promote patriarchy, hatred, and rage among the public.

Different Approach Needed

People dying on streets with hungry stomachs, unemployment at its peak, democracy at its edge, and reduction in money circulation has put the future of the country at stake. 

The Government of India, the Indian Judiciary, and the Indian Media needs to reduce their personal agendas against each other and work together for the availability of better facilities to the countrymen. The year 2020 has already witnessed the loss of uncountable lives.

India is a beautiful country. Every part of the country throngs with beauty, amidst its various problems. Prevention of such tension causing problems is highly important for the establishment of a better life. 

The Indian Media could definitely reach a completely different approach, only if it prioritizes the problems faced by the commoners like poverty, deaths due to the lack of proper medical facilities, unemployment, and many more to name, instead of prioritizing the twitter hashtags.

Written by - Krittika Das

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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