Music and Its Healing Powers


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Did you know that music improves our brain in a big way? It’s true. The bass, melody, tunes, help improve our mind, creative activities, and many more.

Music is something that we cannot live without. Music is the only true magic in the world. All of us live and love by our songs. Music is not just a thing, it is a lifestyle.

We listen to music during times like driving, cleaning the house, work, exercising, walking, travelling, and many more. Music has many advantages way more than just passing time.

Music Reduces Stress

Listening to music reduces stress. Well, studies have proven this fact. People end up listening to calm, slow, quiet music, during their stress and anxiety times. Music does have a positive effect during such scenarios and creates a soothing effect.

In fact, some studies have also proven that music relieves anxiety far better than anti-anxiety drugs.

Music Can Make You Healthier

Ever wondered why music and alcohol help during bad times and sad days? This might seem too good to be true. Well, some studies have suggested that there are some health benefits by just listening to music!

Listening to music releases dopamine, also known as “the pleasure chemical”, just like eating or sex would. This can be a good idea in the case of dieting! To feel good, instead of eating food, maybe you can just end up listening to your favorite music album.

Learning to Play an Instrument Helps to Relax

Some research shows a correlation between Playing an instrument and being successful, as well as looking at life in a more positive way. So, in case you hear your parents torturing you to learn to play an instrument, just be grateful.

Learning to play an instrument gives you a calm and soothing kind as well. It’s never too late to learn to play an instrument.

Even as adults, there is nothing to regret about the fact that we should have learnt to play an instrument back when we were kids. You can still take that piano or guitar out and start learning to play. In fact, I started learning to play my piano when I was 21.

Music Helps Improve Your Memory

Studies have also suggested that listening to music helps to develop multiple areas of the brain. Hence, if you are troubled by bad memory, playing an instrument or listening to good music is something you should consider. Classical music seems to be the winner of such research.

Singing With a Group of People Makes You Happier

Ever wondered why your friends who are a part of the choir seem to be happy? Well, science has proven the fact that singing in a group makes you happy. So, the next time, whenever you get an opportunity, just make use of it. You tend to express your emotions out while singing in a group.

It is very likely to cheer you up and others as well. Also, singing together increases bonding. If you are shy to be a part of the group, don’t worry, you can sing while in a shower!

Music Boosts Exercise Performance

There is an intense correlation between music and work-out. Most of them prefer listening to music while working out. Music has a lot of effects on a person during workouts. It helps reduce pain. Music helps us to come out of our complainer.

Listening to music during exercise removes us out of our fatigue-related thought process, where we usually tend to slow down or stop exercising when performed in silence. Music helps us more during the low-intensity and moderate-intensity exercises.

In case of high-intensity exercises it’s difficult to divert the brain, while I case of low or moderate-intensity exercises, it’s much easier to divert the brain with music. 

Music Stimulates Memories

There is no complete cure for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, but music therapy in such patients has shown to relieve some of its symptoms. Music has shown to provide beneficial effect of improving the mood and providing open communication in such patients.

Music Connects Us

Researchers feel that one of the most important benefits of listening to music is that people feel social contentedness with each other, and also music helps get rid of the feeling of loneliness among the people.

Let it be National anthem at theaters and other events, protest songs during marches, hymns in the places of worship, love songs during courtship, Lullabies sung by parents to their kids help them connect with their kids and makes them feel secure.

Working with a music therapist is one effective way as music provides benefits with respect to body, soul and overall health.

Music clearly has a positive effect on the brain and body. Though the real reason behind how music has such an effect is not understood, it’s hard to argue the fact that your life has been much better with music in it!

Written by-Sandhya R

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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