Myths about Minimalism


We hope you are aware of minimalism which is a recent trend. People want their life to be clutter-free and meaningful. Who doesn’t love this kind of peace? This is why minimalism is prevailing these days. 

Minimalism means living a life based on experiences rather than having worldly pleasures. It is all about owning things that add value to your life and getting rid of unnecessary expenses. This is just like using your energy, time, and space effectively. Minimalism is completely achievable if you intentionally want to; it gives freedom from modern mania and duplicity. There are few misconceptions and myths about minimalism that dominates the truth. Let us now discuss the facts about this practice. 

1. Minimalism Means Throwing Everything Out

Minimalists also possess things, they don’t throw everything out. They will get nothing by throwing things out. Minimalism is more than tossing things out of your life. It is about letting things go that brings you stress, and discovering your interests and hobbies. The actual idea is to keep things with you which makes you happy. Instead of keeping everything, they like having things that add value to their lives.

2. Minimalists Don't Buy New Things

Minimalists can buy all sorts of things, not just-food. They do have a necessity. Minimalists replace things instead of adding. For example, if there is a sale now, you tend to buy two dresses for 1000/-, minimalists are who think before they buy the pair, they’ll consume things mindfully. They buy high-quality products sometimes for long-lasting usage. If possible they use a lot of DIY techniques with their old stuff.

3. Minimalists Home Is Empty

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean their homes appear empty with white walls and no fun. They just see that they organize things and keeps home clutter-free. The idea is to be clean and simple, but not stark and empty. Anyway, who would love a place filled with clutter?

4. Minimalism Happens Overnight

Everything that happens in our life takes its own time. Different people have different time gap to become a minimalist based on their interest. It would definitely take a certain time to get habituated to a new lifestyle. This is not a race to complete within a time limit; one can take their own time to lead a minimalist life.

5. Minimalists Are All Vegan

Most people think minimalists are all vegan and ethical. They are humans too; they are not dolls or robots which are made to be perfect. They step into minimalism for various reasons. You must need a valid reason to lead this life. 

6. Minimalists Can Only Have 100 Things or Less

There is an idea that minimalists are those who possess less number of things. There is no need to keep strict restrictions on the number of things you possess. Minimalism is not about numbers, it is about what makes you feel productive and happy. As long as you feel what you own is necessary and brings you fulfillment, then your perspective of mind works for you. 

7. Minimalists Are Not Sentimental

Minimalists are allowed to like the things they own or be sentimental to things that they own. Minimalists are actually attached to the feelings and emotions of their material possessions. Minimalism doesn’t have fixed rules. You can do research before you follow and go on a path that suits you. Minimalists have memories and the emotions live within them always. They are also humans, after all. 

8. Minimalists Have No Style

Basically, the minimalist's style comes out naturally. They don’t do trends or follow mainstream recommendations. They focus on things that make them happy. Wearing the same thing every day doesn’t apply to everyone as it worked for a few other people. If you like patterns or bright colors, you can with your own way of style. Minimalism is all about making life simple and mindful. 

9. Minimalists Need to Be Young and Single

You are allowed to join The Minimalists Club whether you are young, old, male, or female. You can live in your house itself, you need not carry a backpack and keep travelling. We all want different things in our life, every individual’s needs are different. The idea is to create awareness about needs and wants and draw a thin line between them. If you love to travel you can, you can have a family, or you can have kids too. 

10. Minimalism Is a List of Rules

Many people think that this living process is a destination, one needs to transfer to a tiny home, and wear black. In order to be a real minimalist, you need to have the same set of rules. Minimalism is more of a philosophy than a definition or preaches. 

We are sure you will hear more myths in the future. Don’t let the myths discourage you from finding the truth about the way of life and decide what will be right for you. 

Watch this video where a minimalist Matt D’Avella bursts a few myths about minimalism.

Written By - Sravanthi Cheerladinne

Edited By - Kashish Chadha

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