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My debut English young adult novel “The Girl with the Golden Mind”. It’s a light, fun, and page-turner story, mix of adventure, fantasy, mystery, comedy, and romance. 

1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I’ve lived all my life in Tunisia. I grew up with a passion for Arts and books. My father was a teacher and illustrator and we had a giant library at home. I began drawing and painting since I was a kid, no walls were safe. 

As an introvert person, I preferred the company of books more than people. Since then they were and still my dearest reliable friends. 

As a career I chose Arts, so I went to college and had eventually my master degree in graphic and audiovisual design. And I started working since college as a freelance international designer and illustrator. For almost 9 years I worked with many companies from France, Belgium, the United States, Switzerland. 

Now I’m working as an Art director for my family publishing house of children’s books. Also, I upload for sale some of my designs on the international platform “Shutterstock”. 

Working as a designer did slow me down as a reader but I kept reading nevertheless books in English and French. 

In my one-year break from work, I started writing again like crazy while watching too much hilarious Asian series. I finished for the first time a story. I planned every part of it, researching topics and characters. 

For the first time, I had the story in my head pretty much clear of my debut English young adult novel “The Girl with the Golden Mind”. It’s a light, fun, and page-turner story, mix of adventure, fantasy, mystery, comedy, and romance. 

It unravels some painful truths, suspenseful events, romantic moments, and funny conversations. The book is available for now as a paperback in bookstores in Tunisia and got many great reviews from readers so far that reached out to me. It will be on Amazon as an e-book. 

Now I’m working on a few writing projects and I’m soon publishing my second novel “Evil inside Perfect”, part of the young adult series. 

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

The writing was never a choice or a decision. It started as a way for me to empty my mind, confess my frustrating and embarrassing secrets (Diary). Then I started letting my imagination go wild and wrote unfinished short stories. 

Adventures I wanted to live. Then I grew up and finding the time to write became less and less until I stopped for years. 

Some time ago, I took a break from work because I lost the thrill of it even though I loved my job as an international freelance designer and illustrator for many years before that. It was the first sign of my depression, losing the thrill, hating everything. 

Then I found myself drawn to writing stories again writing fiction helped me find the thrill of being creative in different ways. I felt alive again. You can say writing became my therapy. A Therapy that helps me breathe and fight my inner demons. 

Now I just want to continue writing fun stories that make my readers laugh or cry. Stories with inspiring female heroines. I’m not looking to be a famous writer of incredible books, just makeup stories that my readers enjoy. 

3. Is it a financially stable career?

I’ve started this adventure as a published writer so I can’t really talk about profits, careers, or success. However, most writers don’t live financially by their books except for famous writers like J.K.Rowling and Stephen king. 

So, no writing it’s not a job for me. Actually, I work as an Art director in my family publishing house to afford to publish my own stories. 

4. Who is your favorite writer and why?

I don’t have a favorite writer. So many of them to choose. But I like the writing style, of the American bestseller writer Iris Johansen, uncomplicated and smooth. I was inspired by her writing. 

I like also Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, James Hadley Chase, and the immortal Jane Austen and so many more. 

5. Where does your inspiration lie?

Inspiration is everywhere. I get inspired by my everyday life, from people around me or the random people I meet in the street. I get inspired by books, movies, series... 

6. What does your typical day look like?

My typical day is an introvert writer’s typical day. I’m a night owl, I design and write mostly at night every day. I watch movies and series from different countries. I share my quotes on social media. 

As for my job, I supervise the creative content and layout of children’s books and design their covers. 

I update constantly my planning and research for ongoing books or future book projects. 

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers?

Many aspiring writers approach me and I often say this to them: 

Never give up on pursuing your dreams. Do what you love because by doing that it will be good for your mental health and your happiness. 

Try making the writing your everyday habit no matter how clumsy you think it is. Practice and persistence make the perfect ingredients for improvement. 

When publishing you have to take seriously every part of it: the editing, the cover design, the marketing, and the distribution. Publishing a book is not only about writing. 

Read more and watch more (movies, series, documentaries.). 

8. Which is your favorite book and why? 

I don’t have one favorite book. It’s impossible to have one favorite book among thousands of books different in genre.

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Interviewed By - Syrine Landolsi

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