Red Cardinal - A Messenger from Heaven


In life we often anticipate for positivity, good news, the beginning of something good, heavenly symbols or signs and messages from our late loved ones.It is difficult to spot such signs in most cases but sometimes we are much closer to them than we understand.

Whether we believe it or not these signs are presented to us in the form of a tiny beautiful red bird known as the Red Cardinal.

These little singsong birds don’t just mesmerize us with their melodic songs and vibrant colour but they are also important in the world of signs and symbols and hold a very significant place in many cultures, religions and countries.

They hold many secrets and are mostly regarded as sacred messengers. Thus, spotting this little bird is always a good sign.


Bridge Between the Human World and the Spiritual World

The word Cardinal has a Latin word known as 'cardo' in it which means axis which is a point around which everything revolves or a point that holds all the moving parts together.

Hence Cardinals are considered to be the point that’s revolve around the human world and the spiritual world and is always acting as a messenger between the two.

Below is a list of some fascinating and mind-blowing facts about the Red Cardinal.


1. Visits from the Departed Souls

When Red Cardinals are spotted it is often associated with a departed loved one paying us a visit.

Many believe that spotting a Cardinal is a sign for our late loved ones assuring us that they are still there with us and will always guide us no matter what.

While Spotting just this tiny red bird is significant enough but its importance and value increases when this bird sings for us in its enchanting voice or approaches us because the gestures from the Cardinal are considered to be personal or important messages from our departed loved ones.

When you encounter this little birdie in your surroundings it is essential to take a moment and recollect about what has been troubling you or what are you struggling with because it may lead you to the message that this little bird is trying to convey.

A visit from the Red Cardinal brings peace and comfort to most people as it shows us that we are not alone in this battle and that our departed loved ones will always show us the right path and stand by us.

This isn’t just a theory or a myth because many people have shared their experiences of spotting a Red Cardinal after losing a loved one or during times of struggle when they are trying to find answers.

Hence spotting a Red Cardinal will always reassure you that your selected path is right and will fill our hearts with the warmth and comfort of our late loved ones.


2. Relation with Old Traditions and Other Scared Meanings

Almost all Native people have some type of scared and old tradition that is associated with Red Cardinals.

Many Native Americans simply regard them as ‘red birds’ and the meaning that they hold differs from one tribe to another.

For instance, some tribes associate these birds with devotion, sincerity and faithfulness which is a very prominent trait in the Red Cardinal.

while some consider them to be a symbol of rain or change in weather.Some other tribes consider them to be protectors as they believe that the red colour of the Cardinal provides them protection and healing for illnesses and harms and are also considered to be like a  compass that shows the right path while travelling.

The myth in the Cherokee tribe suggests that the first Red Cardinal was born of the sun and it is the suns daughter. While the Choctaw tribe believes that Cardinals are indications of changing relationships.

It is very clear that Red Cardinals hold importance in Native American culture.


3. Catholic Beliefs

Many people believe that Cardinals are symbolic to the catholic church and religion in general.

As the higher official in the catholic churches wear a red robe and are regarded as Cardinals while among the seven Archangels four angels namely Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel are known as the Cardinal angels and many believe that this cannot just be a coincidence.

As the Cardinal angles are important to mostly every catholic person hence a visit from the Red Cardinal is considered as a sign of guidance, protection and comfort from these Archangels as that is exactly what all of them are known for.

Some people in the religion believe that Cardinals are direct representatives of the blood of Christ while others believe that they are messengers sent from our loved ones.

Even though much research and studies have been conducted on this topic there is no evidence that confirms this belief.


4. Symbol of Faithfulness, Devotion and Sincerity

One of the most noticeable traits of the Red Cardinals is that they are the most sincere, faithful, and truthful i:e they value their relationships very much. 

Every Red Cardinal once they mate, they settle down with their partners. Red Cardinals are sincere faithful, loving partners and attentive, gentle and caring parents.

That is the main reason why people associate them with faithfulness, devotion and sincerity. When you this tiny tweeting bird pay you a visit it means that there is something about you or the ones around you that you should know.

A visit from the Red Cardinal can mean both good and bad. So, let's start with the good one first.

A visit from the Red Cardinal can mean that you are doing well and are treating the people in your life the right way. You are truly sincere, kind and helpful and the universe is going to reward you for your good work.

Sometimes a visit from the Red Cardinal serves as a warning that means someone in your life is not truthful and is not treating you right and hence those relationships need to be reconsidered but sometimes it is an indication that we are ones that aren't treating others right and our actions need to be rectified.

To understand the meaning of the visit you need to pay close attention to your thoughts and your daily life.


5. Spirit Guides

Many times, these brilliant coloured birds are considered to deliver messages sent from our loved ones who no longer exist.

Red Cardinals are, not the only ones who are messengers of our late loved ones but rather any creature that is small, vibrant and colorful whether an animal, Insect or bird servers as an indication from our loved ones.

Anything that catches our eyes is considered to be an indication from our loved ones. When we are in crisis and need assurance, getting a glimpse of  tiny coloured creatures can be assuring and comforting.


6. Dreaming Red

When we see these pretty little birds in our dreams it is a positive sign. As Cardinals fly in the sky and are elements of the air, they signify spiritual enhancement, our thoughts, dreams and ideals.

Hence when you dream of a Cardinal it means that something good is around the corner for us and that we must follow our passion and dreams.

Some dream interpreters always believe that dreaming of a Cardinal means a late loved one is passing us a message.

Sometimes it is said that when these red birds appear in our dreams, they signify the beginning of a new romantic relationship as they are the symbols of compassion and their colour is symbolic to passion.


7. The Positive Beginning of Something New

Red Cardinals are prominent in many traditions and cultures and are always connected with positivity and as they are  known as the axis these tiny birds represent the renewal of some sort.

This idea comes from their presence in winter and how their colour is contradictory to the colour of the snow i:e red against white and their presence serves as a reassurance that the winter will end and spring shall return.

Thus, spotting Red Cardinals is often significant to the beginning of something new, positive, fresh and the end of our winter i:e our difficult times.


The Seen and Unseen World Around Us

Red Cardinals serve as a reminder to always pay attention to our surrounding, always appreciate the little things in life and to see the beauty in everything. It teaches us to value all the people and relationships we have and have had in our lives.

As these birds are known for bridging the gap between our world and the spiritual world, they also teach us to always remember and appreciate our late loved ones and God himself.



Red Cardinals are a perfect representation of what human beings aspire to be. Whether we believe in these myths or not, we must still appreciate the beauty of these beautiful red-winged and sweet-voiced creatures.



Written by - Lirica Machado

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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