The Benefits Brought in by the COVID-19 Pandemic


When we talk about the COVID-19 virus, all we can think of is people suffering and dying, unemployment, the GDP going down, many companies running out of business, and what not. Well, it is difficult to think of anything positive which is coming out of this pandemic.

However, although, this virus comes with lots of unfortunate events and fatal deaths, there are also some positive effects which I would like to highlight.


During this pandemic, many people realized the vast difference between necessities and luxurious lifestyle. People realize the differences between assets (storage of foods) and liabilities (shopping, EMI schemes). Humanity played an authentic role to cover the gap between the rich and the poor, the upper and the lower class.


Moreover, middle class were on the verge of doldrums because they got trapped under the EMI schemes and other luxurious facilities which they cannot afford.

The calculation, organizing and planning for the budget all were useless during this time. However they have learned to save money. Savings and investments are learnt by classes because of this situation.


Many quotations of liveliness were found in the social sites because people started to realize that maintain real friendship on social apps is quite a task, the real fun begins and ends with closeness and fondness with their circle of care.

Even pillow fights are more lively when offline. Out of network helps one be in the moment. They started to talk so much so that 363 friends online can wait.


For the precautions from the corona virus, the prime minister proclaimed to wear masks and compulsory use of sanitizers that helped to take care of themselves. People feel bored at their homes and started to clean all of the things they never had.

Many people were too afraid of corona so that they started to clean their surroundings. Safety, hygiene and cleanliness played an important role in this unprecedented situation.


Mostly in the rural areas and small the household, people started their own business. Tailor shops made a huge profit by making masks. Women entrepreneurs started their small food business and received a large number of orders. People started to respect more towards agriculture sectors, although farmers play a key role in the development of the nation.


Some people also started to focus on themselves, they started to exercise regularly. They also learned new fitness techniques such as palliates, callisthenics, yoga, tai-chi and meditation techniques.

Maintaining self-discipline and regular exercise help them to become more energetic, enthusiastic, creative and innovative. Now people are ready for the battle of their life.


People are busy in their work so much so that they were not discussing their hectic life with their partner, children, indeed, this pandemic help them to spend time with their loved ones. Spending time with their partners’ aid their strong relationship bonds and also developed notions to tackle their situations together.


Governments tried their best to clean water bodies and other tourist places from years but fortunately this virus helped to clean that for free. Pollution from factories, private vehicles and other sources were damaging the atmosphere.

However the situation is much better now because of the Lock down, which was announced due to the corona virus. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution dropped significantly during 74 days lockdown period.


Students started to focus on their knowledge, skills and other qualities rather than rote learning. Many students learnt new skills from online websites and application and improved their knowledge rather than seating exhausted in the classrooms.

Students started to focus on knowledge instead of a degree. Children smiled ear to ear because it was the first time they received a long vacation and promotion without examination.


Many organisations started online career development classes for free which helped to increase quality employment. People started to read books, watch videos to improve their listening skills, public speaking skills, writing skills they also develop their spiritual knowledge and financial knowledge.


During a lockdown, many people took up new hobbies to help themselves fill their time. People are seen as creative in several ways. Cooking and baking have majorly experimented.

Few also focused on keeping themselves healthy by doing exercise and yoga. People also loved reading books and narrating stories. Everyone tried something out of their comfort zone and learnt something new and spent lockdown with their family.

Family Time

With the fast-paced lives people hardly spent quality time with their family members. Covid-19 pandemic allowed balancing the relationships and strengthening the bond within the family members.

Healthy Eating Habits

With no options of eating food from outside, we were restricted to home food during the lockdown. People experimented lots of innovative food items with the help of social media.

But no matter how much one wanted to have a pizza or a burger, it was made in your own house. Hence, as a result we all ended up eating healthy and homemade food by loved ones.


Pandemic has given a good opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. It has forced us to change our daily routine. Doing exercise early morning, healthy breakfast and work from home have made our routine comfortable.


Lock down gave us time to focus on our strengths and weaknesses. It helped us to improve and work on our weaknesses physically and mentally both. Regular exercise and yoga improve one’s mental stability. Covid-19 virus has caused lots of unfortunate circumstances.

However, there are some positive effects too, and although we all are trying to give our best to come out of this situation, let’s not forget about the good changes which was brought in, in our lives.


Written by - Vinayak Mehta

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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