The Problem With Barbie Dolls


Barbie the most talked and popular merchandise that has been the queen of the girl’s market for almost a decade now. Barbie became a famous necessity to be in every girl’s toy house with those extra real-life inspired versions of household items.

But these super popular ideals are being in question for a long time. Now you have just seen those slender long legs, with that tender waist and wrists walking in glamour and inspiring girls to accept and follow their public persona.

Now the part of being respectful and be independent is very welcoming and in recent time have become a necessity for which barbies are respected but on the flip side of the coin, Barbie’s angel figure that had become every girl’s dream is quite a blunder and full of errors.

Now before you go forward you should know what those heavenly but fantasized measurements are:

Almost Perfect Waist

So the original Barbie merchandise was sold with a waist measurement of 16 inches. Yeah so for your better understanding you can compare Barbie’s waist with Hrithik Roshan's bicep size.

Yeah so for now can you just imagine a girl walking with a waist that can only accommodate only half of the liver and a few centimetres of the intestine.

Now Barbie is like a square peg in a round corner, in the world of anatomy Barbie if alive would be a specimen of wonder or ultimately can be called an outer world living species.

Weight Training Will Be a Big No-No

One ultimate disadvantage that being a Barbie would be is to walk in a gym but unable to hold any weight. Now the reason for this disability is also due to one anatomical disability of Barbie, and that is her 3-inch fragile wrist and 6-inch ankle.

Now I don’t know whether you are getting that image of a girl with that much thin ankle and wrist going for a dead lift.

Sounds scary and catastrophic, because if Barbie tried to even lift 1/4th of her total body weight then also she will have her wrist tendons fully ruptured or in the worst case completely off her body.

So from all of this, we can conclude that Barbie should stick with body weight training or gymnast.

Red Carpet on All Four

Now Barbie is a style statement and one clear way to say it is going to be her ramp walks. Now everyone knows that Barbie has modeling in her to-do list almost every day, but thanks to anatomy there’s a world of difference in reel life and real life for Barbie.

Well so according to anatomy Barbie can never be able to walk on her two feet but that is due to the fact of her abnormal waist to hip ratio and very weak ankles to support her large body frame.

So if you are one of those people who wanted to see Barbie showing her glamour on the red carpet has to reconsider their option as Barbie can walk on the red carpet but in a way that cannot be called glamorous at all.

Looking up to Her, Rethink Again

Now for many little girls look up to Barbie as their role model, but have you ever think to whom does Barbie may lookup?

Now what I am going to say may sound a little absurd way to throw facts but I find it quite amusing.

So well the real deal is that Barbie can never look up to anyone thanks to her designers who without any second thought decided to put an unreal head onto a 9-inch neck which defying the gravity is somehow supporting her.

To be honest, I find myself quite amused by this, so for now I can say god is pretty graceful on Barbie.

Glamorously Unhealthy Whr

Whr or waist to hip ratio is a general standard introduced by world health organization is used to assess whether a person is healthy or not.

Well without a surprise our glamour doll marks her name on the list, but not in a very positive way.

So according to guidelines laid by WHO a lady having Whr below 0.8 is being considered as underweight, and guess what where does our glamour icon stand at a whopping 0.56

So yes Barbie with her glamour also cannot outrun this fact that for this real-world Barbie is not just underweight but also lacks the basic anatomical necessities.

Well, the reason to bring this article into the light is the reason to give those girls and boys an insight into the reason why God made us different from Barbie and why each part whether you find it useful or not is important.

Barbie is a fantasy that may exist for entertainment but in any case, reality should be kept completely apart.

Because it does not matter which size you are count into, you are awesome and beautiful.

Written by - Yash Bundela

 Edited by – Adrija Saha

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