The Uniqueness of Your Work Defines You - Shairy

If you're a beginner, your concern should be about inspiring others and not your low follower count.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I have always been a creative head, ever since childhood. I had decided during my school days that I will go for fashion designing and I started preparing for NIFT, soon after giving my 12th board exams.

I gave the entrance twice but couldn't take admission because my parents were scared of sending their daughter all alone in an unknown city and I believe it wasn't completely their fault as I was a shy kid back then. That was the most difficult time of my life, I could see my dream slipping out of my hands that made me depressed. 

I had the opportunity to pursue BTech, which I didn't because I knew that wouldn't make me happy, it wasn't what I wanted, so I ended up doing BCA from a college in my hometown.

I was always this person who felt good in making people special on their occasions and hence made gifts for them. Little did I know that this hobby would fill my heart with contentment that I had been looking for in college courses.

2. When did you decide you want to be a crafter?

My Uncle(Chacha Ji) saw the first explosion box I crafted for my cousin and he was so impressed that he insisted I tie-up with Archies.. haha...

That didn't sound like something realistic but yes I wanted to give his idea a try. His encouragement led me to start a page on Instagram: "s_handmade_cards". I had zero knowledge about how it would work but uploading my work on a page like a collection didn't feel like a bad idea at all.

That is how my crafting journey started and I have never looked back since. I believe- God always has better plans for you. After a month of this startup, I started getting a response from people and their trust in me helped me grow.
Believe me, the small town I live in, the struggle to get even basic craft supplies was real! 

I outsourced everything and struggled to find a reliable courier service. There were days even I felt like giving up but the endurance during those challenging times made me who I am today. I'd not have it any other way.

I am proud to have broken the barriers and managed to set up a business even from a small town.

3. Is this a stable career?

YES, it is, just depends on how prepared you're for the rough road and heavy workload. Anything new takes time but your perseverance is what helps you reach a certain height. Nothing is served on a silver platter, I had no idea about standard pricing or how much my work is worth, I have that knowledge now only through my experience. 

For a long time, I continued working just to satisfy myself, without caring about what goes into my pocket. The realization came with time - if I don't value my work and charge for it accordingly, I cannot except the same from others. There will be clients who understand the worth and that is your target audience.

4. Your favourite crafter and why?

My favourite crafter is Sameera from @handmade_ picks. I am in awe of her work, she puts her heart and soul in every project. She's not just a wonderful crafter but also has a kind heart. I believe that our work reflects who we are as a person and one can easily understand her through her creations.

5. Where do you get inspired to create art?


Now that I have had the chance to experience the diversity in crafting and follow many great artists I can say many inspire me. Positive feedback from fellow artists also drives me to try new and improve every day.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is also a great platform for inspiration from artists across the world.

6. What does your typical day look like?

I am an early riser. On days where there's work pressure craft from 6:30/7 am till 9 am. Take a small break to help with the household chores and get back to my craft room by 11.

My Craft Room is on the top floor so it's hard to work there in both summers and winters so I set my times according to the changing weather. Mostly I work till 4 pm, then again take a break (currently because the heat gets unbearable) and have my last shift from 7-10 pm.

And that isn't it, after that, I manage the editing and designing part before going to sleep.

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

If you're a beginner, your concern should be about inspiring others and not your low follower count. The uniqueness of your work defines you, don't be lost in the crowd doing what others are doing. Find your style and don't be afraid to experiment.

If you want to turn crafting into a career then learn to be patient, the process of success is slow but it will be worth it.

Interview by - Soumya Jain

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