Top 5 Habits That Destroy Your Life

Everyone has one or two bad habits, maybe even more, but have you ever woken up and asked yourself, If you are practicing a bad habit which affects your life negatively? If you didn't, I did and I asked for you. There are many bad habits that affect our life badly, but in this article, I will point to the most common habits that destroy your life, because these bad habits keep you unhappy and stuck and maybe make you do the things which you don't like to do.

1. Living a Mediocre Life

Living in the comfort zone is so dangerous. It prevents you from doing the things that you always dream about. Many of the greatest pleasures in life include some degree of risk. So stop the fear and take the risk. Do all the things you love and don't look behind because there is no train that will run you over.

Abraham Maslow said, "One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again". While Harv Eker said, "Whenever you feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating back into your old comfort zone, pat yourself on the back and say, “I must be growing,” and continue moving forward”. 

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There is a great quote, but unfortunately not well-known, says "you will not know the things you love till you keep trying". Stop thinking about the consequences and start with the thing that you always feared about.

2. Living in the Past

If you asked yourself before, why do I only remember bad memories? Here is the answer, according to a new study, we recall bad memories more easily and in greater detail than good ones for perhaps evolutionary reasons. Researchers say negative emotions like fear and sadness trigger increased activity in a part of the brain linked to memories.

The trick is to stay in the present long enough to truly figure out what makes you happy.

I always used to ask an old friend, why am I always unhappy? He said, "stop thinking about the past and the future, just live the continuous because we can't change the past and even bring the future". 

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3. Checking Emails Every Minute

A new study showed that office workers get in average about 140 emails every day! This number is expected to rise more and more by the next year.

We all know that Email helps us to do our work. But it is still a big problem and a bad habit if you couldn't control it perfectly.
If you try to accommodate each request immediately, you lose control of your workday and life. It becomes a distraction and your productivity suck, which impacts your job performance and well-being.

4. Waiting Until the Last Time

How many times did you wait until the last time to start something? You had already the time to start a long time ago!
Stop deferring work until a later date and start working on a project the very same day you receive it. You would have started work on your project in the simplest, and easiest way possible. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, just write down a couple of ideas or do a bit of quick research.

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5. Staying Longer Than You Should

How many times you had to go but you couldn't? How many times was leaving the best choice? Ask yourself these questions to know what you are doing! Stop wasting your time and energy. Leave when it is necessary. Life is short and every day you will get a chance to get in a relationship and also to get out.

Walk out of a bad movie and save your time before loosing that along with your money. Save yourself the heartache of a terrible relationship or friendship by either addressing it as soon as you can or walking away completely. And do yourself the favor and keep looking for better jobs, better skills, and a better life if you do not enjoy what you’re doing so you can get out before you sacrifice too much.

This is essentially you standing up for your life and holding more value to what your life should mean. Therefore, leaving such destroying habits would make you a better human being.

Written By -  Hossam Abdelaal

Edited By - Khushu Prajapati

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