Top 7 Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is an island located in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most mesmerizing places you can visit. One doesn’t feel alienated and the people treat the tourists warmly. If you are planning to travel here, here is a list of tourist attractions you must visit.

1. Universal Studios

It is an amusement park for both adults as well as kids. It is fun and magical. Visiting there is very tiring, so keeping it after a day or two of landing is the best. It is filled with so many magical and thrilling rides. The best part other than the rides is the meet and greet.

2. Sentosa Island

It has various museums and attractions. Its highlights are the cable car ride to the beach, the aquarium and the magical shores. The beach is so calm and relaxing. Even though the whole place is crowded, it is peaceful.

3. Garden By the Bay

It is one of the most magical indoor gardens. If the gardens weren’t enough, they have a musical show after sunset at the Supertree Grove. In these gardens, there is some magical feeling. It is air conditioned and well maintained.

4. Singapore Flyer

It is usually allotted to the last day of the trip. From the flyer, we can have a breathtaking view of Singapore. More than that, it is so beautiful, well constructed and well maintained. It is a must go place. When talking with your tour guide, make sure to add it in the itinerary.

5. Jurong Park

Even if you aren’t an animal or bird lover, you should visit this place. There are so many wonderful shows which you wouldn’t witness anywhere. Especially the bird show at the end. It is just mind blowing.

6. Merlion Park

The national symbol of Singapore is a Merlion (head of a lion and body of a fish). It is a mythical creature which signifies bravery and hardwork. For further information, you can refer to this link.

7. Night Safari 

The beginning of the trip is usually from the night safari. This attraction isn’t energy consuming but also includes lots of shows and it’s a place which we usually do not witness. For people interested in zoology and nocturnal animals, this is the place to go.


When visiting these places, food is a major concern. If you are interested in exploring , try all their local cuisines. They do add fish sauce or dried fish in all of the cuisines but they still taste good.

When visiting the Sentosa island, in the food court try the Texas Chicken. Their honey buns are the best. Even after leaving Singapore, the taste of these honey buns still linger in my mouth.

Other than the local cuisines, there are cuisines from all over the world. Choose wisely, because all the food is just amazing.

For shopping, make sure to visit the gift shops in the places you visit. Daiso and the local market is also places where you can shop in a budget. They provide good things. Do try their flavoured sodas, they are ones to die for.

I have mentioned these places from my personal experience and anyone who visits will surely have a memorable time. 

Written by - Farheen Firoz

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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