Why Is Instagram So Addictive?

If scrolling mindlessly is your inescapable hobby, this article is for you. Not even a decade old yet, ‘Instagram rules our lives’ is an understatement. It started only with photo posting. Now, it is a wide platform for creators and businessmen.

Basic facts

  1. Instagram gets its name with a blending of ‘instant camera’ and ‘telegram’.
  2. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Instagram became available for Android six days prior this event.
  3. Most people using Instagram are under the age of 35.
  4. As per the facts released in the beginning of 2020:

    •    There are 1 billion active monthly users of Instagram.
    •    There are more than 500 million daily active Instagram users.
    •    The number of Instagram likes is 4.2 billion per day.
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The Downside

Instagram stats reveal that it is the most engaging social network for its users. In spite of this, 70% of posts do not get seen due to the algorithmic system of visibility of the posts. The concern over the number of followers is greater than our privacy. The lives of celebrities seem so perfect in Instagram that we start to hate ours.

Instagram is a combination of every other app. It has memes like Facebook, filters like Snapchat, reels like Tiktok. So, we spend a lot of time in this when compared to all the other apps.

Is This What Obsession Looks Like?

  1. Cyber-stalking is something that should be viewed without any excuses. One in ten instagram accounts is fake. People mainly create it to stalk someone or to bully the celebrities.
  2. On an average, a person uses 53 to 144 minutes in instagram. This is the lowest amount of time. People spend hours in scrolling the feed.
  3. Another important problem is the Fear of Missing out (FOMO). We tend to forget living in the real world once we enter the mobile screens.
  4. Using Instagram during night mainly disrupts the sleep cycle resulting in not enough rest.

Steps To Overcome This Addiction

  1. Check ‘your activity’ to see how much time you spend in Instagram. Set a reminder to make sure you don’t exceedingly use the app.
  2. Make sure you have a cheat day for Instagram just like when you hit gym. This will avoid your temptation.
  3. Have other hobbies like reading, gardening, painting that consumes much of your time.
  4. If nothing works out, try out ‘detox’. Log out of your Instagram account till your temptations wear out.
  5. Have a positive thought over your life. The number of likes and followers are not more than you.

Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi

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