10 Places You Must Visit When You Are in Jordon


There is no way you can go for a Middle Eastern adventure and not visit Jordan. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a country with many hidden treasures that are awaiting you to discover and enjoy them. So, to give you a head start and help you plan your next adventure; here is the 10 must visit places in Jordan.


1. Petra the Rose City

Prepare yourself to be amazed. Petra is not like any other place you have seen before, and that is why it is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. The city was built about 2000 years ago by the Nabataeans. The buildings were carved into the desert stones and shaped into about 3000 dwellings, banquet halls, altars and tombs.

The most famous feature in Petra is The Treasury, and to see it you must walk through Al-Siq. It is a narrow and dim gorge that stretches for about 1.2Km which you can either walk through it or hire a horse.

Nonetheless, it is totally worth it because at the end of it you will be welcomed by the rose city with its many shades of beautiful colours and wonderful designs.

2. The Dead Sea

You can’t swim; not a problem because you can float in the dead sea. Yes, you read that right. This is because of the high concentration of salt which affects the water density and as a result allows you to float.

To add to your amazement; the dead sea is the lowest elevation of land on the face of the earth which makes this place extra special. However, if you are after health tourism then definitely the dead sea is the right place for you. Where you can swim in its mineral-rich water and follow up with a rub of its black, rich mud on your body to cleanse and renew your skin.

3. The Ancient Roman City-Jerash

Have you ever dreamt of travelling back in time? If you answered yes, then visiting Jerash is your chance to do so. Jerash is only 50km from the capital city Amman and it was considered the jewel of the Roman Empire that was built around 6500 years ago.

The minute you start exploring the many features of this city you will be fascinated by the beauty and design of its amphi-theatre, arches and plazas. While there, be sure to visit the Forum, Temple of Artemis, and the North Theatre. And don’t forget to take photos of the magnificent mosaics that you will see there.

4. Aqaba

It is the only costal city in Jordan, situated in southernmost Jordan and it considered Jordan’s window to the Red Sea. You might ask about the best way to get to Aqaba, well, you can either go by car from Amman, which will take you about 4 hours drive through the Desert Highway or fly using the Royal Jordanian and be there in an hour.

Besides swimming, sunbathing and diving in Aqaba you can visit Aqaba Fort, Aqaba museum, and fourth century roman church. Also, you can dive back to history through the many historical images on display at Aqaba Heritage museum.

5. Wadi Rum

This enchanted place is considered one of the world’s most beautiful deserts. It is located near Jordan’s southern border and its beauty comes from the dramatic sandstone and Basalt mountains projecting out of its sandy grounds.

While in Wadi Rum you will be captivated by the fascinating rock art and the endless spectacular formations. While exploring you will come across many inscriptions and scattered ruins which will enrich your cultural experience.

However, to be able to have the best experience it is advised that you go on a 4x4 Jeep tour to sightsee the histrionic canyons and arches. After a long day exploring Wadi Rum’s many hidden treasures, it is best to spend the night at one of the camps where you will be introduced to delicious Bedouin dishes for dinner and then enjoying the brilliant night sky.

6. Dana Nature Reserve

If hiking your thing then you ought to visit Dana Nature Reserve. It is Jordan’s largest nature reserve covering 320 square kilometers. It consists of rugged limestone, granite, and sandstone cliffs that reach nearly 1524 meters before plummeting to the valley floor which some of it is below sea level.

Dana is home to many species that came from three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. This large variety of species in one place has added to the uniqueness of Dana. In addition, Many of Dana’s animals and plants are very rare and Dana has provided a safe home for them such as the endangered Nubian ibex and the lynx-like caracal.

7. Ajloun

Ajloun city located north of Jordan and it is overlooked by the ruined Ajloun Castle. The Castle was built in 1184 to defend against the Crusaders. Inside the Castle you will be reminded of life before modern civilisation through the display of ancient Neolithic artifacts.

Once you finished exploring the castle, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Jordan Valley from the castle outlook. Then, take a trip to town to explore the Great Ajloun Mosque, the oldest of its kind in Jordan and whose prayer tower can be seen from anywhere in town.

In addition, don’t forget to visit the biblical site of Mar Elias which contains mosaics from a byzantine church and shrine where pilgrims come to pay tribute to St. Elijah. When finished, take a drive through Ajloun Forest Reserve or you can hike one of the many trails there and enjoy the smell of pine trees and fresh air.

8. Ma’in Hot Springs

As the name suggests, Ma’in holds many hot springs and waterfalls. It is located 74km south of Amman and 264 meters below sea level. It is said that Herod the Great have bathed in its medicinal water and to this day many people visit Ma’in hot springs for treatment or just to enjoy a hot soak.

While there, you will enjoy the curative properties of the hot springs which stream from a volcanic source hidden deep in the mountains. The temperature of the mineral-rich water averages around 40 degree Celsius with some springs reaching as high as 63 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, if you or any of your loved ones are into health tourism, then Ma’in hot springs is the place for you. This is because of the water in these springs contains elements with healing properties such as sodium, calcium, chloride, radon, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

9. Wadi Al-Mujib

If you are after an adventure, then you are in the right place. Wadi Al-Mujib was once known as Arnon Valley which -according to many stories- is believed to be where Moses led the Israelites across.

Going back to the adventure side of things; you can hike the water of Wadi Al-Mujib Gorge into the Dead Sea. While hiking you will meet with musical sound of the many waterfalls and the beautiful colours of the Sandston cliffs.

No, the adventure is not over yet. There is the Mujib Biosphere Reserve which covers around 212 square kilometres. It spans between the King’s Highway and the shore of the Dead Sea.

This reserve is considered a safe haven for the wildlife that resides in it. While there you can look out for the Syrian Wolf and Caracal mountain cat.


10. Amman

Last but not least, is the Capital city of Jordan, Amman. Amman is the heart of the country and it holds the old and the new within its streets and suburbs. While there you will always feel welcomed by its friendly and generous people.

If you are a history lover then you can start by visiting Jabal Al-Qala’a hill. You will be fascinated by the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th century Umayyad Palace which is known for its grand dome. 

Then there is the Roman Theatre that has a capacity of 6000 and offering occasional events especially during the warmer months.

However, you can’t go past the city center or downtown where you will have a sensational experience. You can walk through the narrow streets of the market and enjoy the smell of the many exotic spices on offer. Or maybe you are after hand-made rugs; whatever you are seeking you will find it there.


Written by – Sawsan Alnadi

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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