11 Tips To Get Your Life Back On Game

Have you ever felt, ‘the older you’ were much better than the way you lead your life now? We all do, at some point. So, here’s the most intriguing question – how to find your older self and resume the best days of lives?

When we were young, we used to have habits. We woke up at 6 AM, did some physical movements and most importantly, had a routine. But as we grew up, we lost track of time and our morals. It is important to plan because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Why Do You Need To Get A Hold Of Your Life?

  • To reduce stress and anxiety
  • To achieve our targets
  • To influence other people
  • To learn a lot
  • Mainly, to remain calm and lead a happy life.

How Long Will It Take To Achieve This?

It actually is about consistency. You have to fake it till you make it. The process will seem tedious. The only thing that you have to tell yourself every morning is ‘I am close at hand and I will not give up today’.  Once you get there, you will be contended with your achievement. 

The Tips:

1. Create a schedule for the day beforehand

It is important to plan your forthcoming day before you go to bed. It provides you confidence and will make you ready to face the day. You will be prepared a step ahead and you can manage the time efficiently.

2. Figure out your priorities and centralize it

Analyze your thoughts and understand what you want from life. Work on it and develop the skills to strengthen your priorities. Put your efforts in improvising, become an expert and have a steady growth.

3. Focus on what you want. Listen to your inner voice

The first step of progress is setting the target. When you set a target, have a desire to accomplish it. It will put your head in pursuing your goals more fervently. Pay heed to the little voice from your heart.

4. Make sure you complete all the tasks scheduled

Create a checklist and make sure to strike all the items before you go to bed. It will give you immense satisfaction and it will boost up your spirit to work harder the next day.

5. Master the art of patience

It is so easy to give up but as difficult to set your mind not to be at disposal in your progressive growth. The key to this obstacle ‘patience’. Once you master this art, you will be unstoppable.

6. Be optimistic and full of positive energy

When you start a work, have faith in you. Create a positive bubble that’s unbreakable by any external force. If the result of your work doesn’t turn out positive, do not lose hope. Failure is just a step behind to reach success.

7. It is absolutely okay to say NO to others and to yourself

It’s only by saying “NO” that you can concentrate on the things that are really important

Steve Jobs

Saying ‘yes’ in places where we should say ‘no’ is how we take a step back. Do not do this to please others. It is an absolutely essential step to simplify your life.  

8. Never settle for anything less

The easy way is settling for the things available at hand. Find your own pace to acquire stuff. It surely takes time to reach your goals and, in the meantime, you will feel fine with your intermediate position but that’s the point where you have to stay a bit long. Believe me, you will thank yourself for not giving up there.

9. Be grateful with your progress

Gratitude is one of the words our society forgot to teach us. When you start being grateful, you will come across many things that you are thankful for, to have in your life. Plus, it will help you to enjoy your transition.

10. Push yourself forward but not beyond boundary

Set short term goals and keep track on them to achieve the ultimate one. It becomes easy to do things that we consider an essential part in our lives. But do make sure not to push yourself behind the edge.

11. Finally, trust everything happens for a reason

Only efforts are in our hands. If the result is not satisfactory, try again. If it doesn’t work out even after giving your best shot, accept the fact that something better is meant for you.

Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi

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