Always Wanted to Make Someone Look Beautiful & Beyond the Mirror - Piyu (Makeup Artist)



     I followed My path luckily I got featured pick on Instagram & reel crossed              above 3 million which is a huge victory for me & this journey will go on.

1. Tell me about you and your journey.

I am very passionate about makeup which includes Indian, fusion , HD , face paints, I have been doing Indian makeup since 2018 but lately I realize about fusion makeup looks & followed the path luckily I got featured pick on Instagram & reel crossed above 3 million which is a huge victory for me & this journey will go on.

2. Why did you chose this career?

I chose this career because I wanted to do something different , something creative and always wanted to make someone look beautiful & beyond the mirror. I think this is inborn because I am crazy about makeup since my teenage years and took it forward I am a self taught artist & love my profession.

3. How can one build a clientele as a makeup artist?

According to me good thing takes time, so if you want to build clientele you have to just focus on your work presentation more than earnings initially because hard work pays off, there are many online platform where you can promote your work to get client collectively or you can offer some discounts or vouchers to attract crowd. 

4. What are some of your top makeup tips?

Top makeup tips, do eye makeup before face and use good coverage products & try to cover more with concealers for a fresh n natural look & blending plays important role so if are doing makeup blend well, either eyeshadow or contour at the end add some glow! 

5. What kind of job opportunities one can get after becoming a make up artist?

Anyone can get Job opportunities after becoming makeup artist such as linked to fashion industry or collaborations for makeup purpose or also you can do freelancing nowadays it is beneficial or one can set up own salon or studio!

6. Which professional courses would you suggest for aspiring artists?

For aspiring Artists I would suggest a course like master makeup class covers all of the essentials or bridal makeup training and also get ready for the fashion world & invest in In-depth advance training. & personally I would suggest for fusion art if you are good at paintings & drawings it has a lot of scope for on & off cameras! 



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