Eat Wise, Drop a Size - Azra Khan (Nutritionist & Diet Consultant)

Azra Khan

I started out AzraKhanFitness from zero in hopes of educating especially women about sustainable health and how important it is to prioritize your health. 

1. Tell us more about yourself and your profession. 

My name is Azra Khan. I am a nutritionist by profession. 

I started out AzraKhanFitness from zero in hopes of educating especially women about sustainable health and how important it is to prioritize your health. Women often tend to ignore their health to take care of the ones they love and I wanted to educate women on how with easy modifications they can do both and make their health their priority. 

I started my Instagram and youtube "AzraKhanFitness" two years back and now have 90% traffic from women so I am assuming I am on the right track. 

2. What are some of the biggest myths related to nutrition? 

They are endless. 

I recently received an email asking can you lose weight in winters. So you see nutrition is not even being considered by most. People want quick results and for that they ignore nutrition. 

You have to be patient with food and health and wellness but these days who has time. 

Myths about nutrition include "eating too much protein will make you bulky ". 

"Not eating carbs is okay" 

My motto with AzraKhanFitness is "Eat Wise, Drop A Size" 

Let's hope I can spread that awareness. 

3. Where did you study nutrition science and why did you choose it as a career? 

So I was doing M.Tech in biotechnology when I started my weight loss journey. I used to search for guidance online to help me but could not find any. My trial and error I lost 25kgs but the journey made me realize how vague the information is about health and wellness in India. 

So I enrolled myself for an online course and got an ACE certification and ISSA certification which are online nutrition certification courses. Later I did a diploma in dietetics and nutrition from IGNOU as well. I believe nutrition is something you can never know everything about so you have to keep on learning. 

So even now after consulting over 1200 clients in a span of 19 months, I am polishing my craft. 

I love studying nutrition and applying it. 

So it's an ongoing process. 

4. How can one go about building their immunity? 

Immunity is a defense mechanism against infections and diseases. After Covid, so many kadhas have come into existence. Science says otherwise. 

You are born with immunity. You can't improve it by drinking ginger water. 

The Only thing which will help is a healthy lifestyle. Of course, Indian spices do help and act as a catalyst but please don't rely on this alone to boost your immunity. You have to be active and eat right to boost your immunity. 

5. What are some of the mistakes people make while trying to lose weight? 

The most terrible mistake I see people make is that they stop eating. 

Again that also comes from the mindset of quick results. People starve to lose weight unaware of the fact that it will worsen their metabolism, slower the fat loss process, ruin their immunity, and weaken their bones. 

It is my request to stop starving to lose weight. 

6. What comprises a sustainable diet that is good for maintaining a healthy weight and BMI? 

There is no one diet that fits all funda. Diet is something very personalized. 

But you need to have a balance of complex carbs, fats, and proteins along with vitamins and minerals. So grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and water are important and portions have to be determined depending on your BMI and BMR. 

Don't fear food. 

Just stay away from ready-made packaged food. 

7. Which is your favorite book & why?" 

I love RUJUTA DIWEKAR ma'am. She inspires me. So her book "WOMEN & THE WEIGHT LOSS TAMASHA" is an amazing insight on the thinking of women when it comes to weight loss. 

It is funny and insightful at the same time. 

Instagram ID - @azrakhanfitness

Azra Khan

Azra Khan

Nutritionist & Diet Consultant.


Interviewed By - Aditi Ashok

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