Online Courses: Covid-19 v/s Learning

In this Covid-19 situation, almost everything turned online. We study online, work from home, many applications like Extramarks, UpGrad, Byju’s, Vedantu, and so on helped students to some extent in a more innovative way. I think the worst impact of this pandemic situation is towards education. Nowadays, students waste their time using phones by making excuses that they are taking classes on it. We should not be doing this because this is a time where we learn new things and our result will also impact our future.

Earlier we used to choose the best coaching centers to learn for our better future, like for AIIMS/ NEET, most of the students used to opt for Aakash Institute, and engineering, it was Fiitjee, and other coachings as well for many other courses. I think schools can’t be replaced by online studies as it teaches us many skills like interaction, behavior skills, confidence, time management. We decide what we want to become in the future through the guidance of teachers, they allow us to see our strengths and weaknesses. 

So, now the question arises in our mind: Are the online classes useful in any case? Yes, it is useful in many cases if you want to learn some courses and grow and learn more, online learning is the best option. 

1. Comfortability

Online courses are more comfortable as you don’t have to go to any other institute or search for the best institute for learning something. You have to just search on the internet and you will find many courses according to your choice. You can choose as many certified courses as well. The best part is that they have recorded videos. You can just replay the video and skip the part that you already know which is not an option in the institute. You can also just pause the video and practice the things in between also. In short, you have full control over the process and amount of time you want to study.

2. Free Courses

There are many courses which are free on the internet. Some basic things are also available. For example, if someone has to learn HTML, the person can search on YouTube for HTML courses. Many channels provide the full information and all the coding parts which are used in HTML. You can learn more here.

3. Finding More to Learn

When you search for things on the internet, there are numerous things related to your learning topic that will also come in suggestions from there, you can know about many other aspects which are helpful to you. For example, if you are going to learn SQL in the networking field, you get suggestions about learning PL-SQL as well. That’s how you can find more to learn in the same field.

4. Make Your CV Attractive

During this pandemic what we have got in the name of achievements has to be mentioned in our CV for further professional approaches. Mentioning what all you learned and got certified into in your CV it always attracts the other person. The person with a perfect and more widespread resume will always give a completely different impact from others. This also shows that you have a learning attitude and it gives a positive response to the interviewer. Every organization wants its employees to have extra knowledge so that he can handle the other things as well.

5. Achievement in Job 

As I mentioned above, every organization will be more attracted to the person who has some extra credits than others. If you have a learning attitude you will always grow in your career. In this pandemic, online learning and these courses will help a lot. You can do multi-learning with online courses. You can do your job and learn some new languages or join courses simultaneously. For this, you just need to manage time and don’t have to go and search for the anonymous institutes as well.

Bottom Line

I would prefer to learn things online rather than offline. The online courses also give a platform to practice things endless times. Online learning gives motivation and proper guidance about time management as well. During this situation, we can’t go outside so we have to get adapted to digital learning. It always enhances your personality. For example, if you’re working in an IT sector you have to learn new technology regularly. You can’t stick to any one language or technology. You have to update yourself daily.

Online courses are very beneficial to people who always want to learn something new and extra. This situation tells us how to manage situations even at the worst time. So be prepared and update yourself through the chosen online courses. You can be a part of many types of courses like photography, content and creative writing, digital marketing, in the science field, commerce, and so on. By this, you don’t have to depend on time and people, you can study anywhere and anytime. 

Written By - Praveen Sharma

Edited By - Khushi Prajapati


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