Remembering George Reddy

In this article, I am going to put a much-needed effort into discussing the movie named “George Reddy“ and why it should be remembered. It was released on 22nd November 2019. The movie was based on the life of a famous student of Osmania University.

I was bowled over by the charisma of George Reddy. The director Jeevan has to be appreciated for making it happen effectively.

The protagonist, George Reddy was murdered by right-wing forces on April 14th, 1972. He was a gold medalist in nuclear physics and was doing his Ph.D. George Reddy was a mark of academic excellence. He possessed extraordinary intelligence. Answering his question in the class was always a challenge for his professors. 

He was respected by his fellow students not only for his academic excellence but also for his social sense and his fight against the politically powered devils and bureaucrats. He also worked part-time at the AV College of arts as a lecturer.

His intellect, charm, ideologies got him a lot of fame and fan following not only among his fellow students but also in the city of Hyderabad. A very brave, straightforward, and not fearing George Reddy never cared about threats from student bodies opposing him, politicians who were pissed off by his following on-campus, and by goons who thought he was a threat to their business.

The film was produced by Sudhakar and directed by Jeevan Reddy. They tried to recreate the Osmania campus of the 1970s. Some political parties were not happy with the movie so they opposed the release of the movie. But it went ahead and did well in Telugu speaking states.

The way his ideologies had influenced the college environment was unstoppable emphasising how powerful student bodies were and how they could change the course of political history. Though he was killed in 1972, stories about George have passed on from one generation to the other.

His appeal lies in three things -

1.   Acquiring knowledge as a weapon,

2.   Using it for the liberation of the oppressed within that short time, and

3.   Getting martyred by the oppressors’ men.

We all know what happens when a young person stands up for justice, displays knowledge of uncommon values, and stands up for human equality, society looks at them with awe and disbelief. The feudal ruling forces around them see them as dangerous.

The film “George Reddy” successfully transmitted the story of George to the mainstream media. This movie gained the attention of viewers too.

It had the contemporaries inspired by George’s budding socialist-revolutionary ideologies as a pro-poor, anti-caste, and supporter of farmer’s suicide campaign, who had a life of a heroic smattering of emotional fights with political, anti-social, and casteist ideologies.

The problem of the anti-educational agenda still exists in that state. This is still an issue that plagues many campuses today.

The best thing about the movie was that it concentrated on George’s distinctive childhood. It was also shown in the film that he was an optimistic person throughout his life which displayed the importance of optimism in general.

Indian society tends to kill such an exceptional combination of humans. It is either by killing the entire persona or by killing the main spirit in such people. Once that spirit is killed, one would not be able to make history.

Rebellious minds really need to be negotiated with, not suppressed. Any young George budding on any side of the nation should be nurtured. A big salute should be given to the man who said, “Jeena hai to marna sikho”.

Written by - Akash Agrawal

Edited by - Daity Talukdar

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