Strong Imagination, Belief and Faith on Oneself Makes Anything Achievable - Arya Prasad

Arya Prasad


I've recognized the great strength which all of us have and the moral responsibility of the privileged ones to uplift the disadvantaged people, whose fruition requires strong determination and taking actions out of our comfort zone

Tell us about your background and journey

I'm from Defence background, my dad was in Air force and in common parlance, I'm an Air Force brat. As a result, I was used to transfers, from Assam to Bengal, to Punjab, and had a mixed milieu of cultural background. Maybe that's the reason why I give much importance in conditioning myself in accordance with culture and ensuring that it doesn't get dodged. Moreover, I've studied in 7 different schools, hence leading to NO permanent group of friends or a gang, which I always wished of.

I'm not bragging, but genuinely, I was a bright student throughout my school years. Being an intrepid person, from the very junior class itself, I was a confident orator too.

Currently, living with Mum and younger sister for past 9 years, they are a big source of inspiration to me. And with enormous travelling experience, thanx to my mom, I've gained great cognizance in terms of people and places. This creates a zeal in me To do more, To be more, and To live more, and eventually to do things for the larger good and the larger interest of the society.

With Gods grace and top grades, I received admission in Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, pursuing Political Science Honours and I'm currently serving as the Department Executive Councillor. All this leads to a fervour in me, to Be All that I can be and enable Others to Be All that they can be.

What's it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life?

"With Great Power, comes Great responsibility."

Being a student of Polity, I've recognized the great strength which all of us have and the moral responsibility of the privileged ones to uplift the disadvantaged people, whose fruition requires strong determination and taking actions out of our comfort zone.

Besides being a college student, I've the extra onus of proving my efficacy, in terms of both as a motivating and competent leader, and maintaining the record of academically bright student. This sometimes gets challenging, because of the enormous work load, but still I enjoy the mixture of pressure as well as the satisfaction of constantly developing my self.

What did you do in your current role that makes you feel proud of yourself?

The fact that I'm slowly, but steadily and with strong planning, upholding my vision, and working for the fruition of the agendas that gave me the position that I hold is what makes me cheerful and satisfying. This provides me the impetus to give my level best in all the upcoming duties and responsibilities.

People have this misconception that elections in DU are only for influential people, what do you think should be changed?

Well yeah, that's the common understanding, or what we can say, a misconception which have been somewhat true these years, but what one needs to understand is that, if you have a strong and compassionate determination and a sustained blueprint and planning to do what the post or role requires, and the rhetoric, one could achieve whatever he/she wishes to, dodging the effect of the fake, so called Influential people.

That change should start from within ourselves, rather than blame gaming the others.

Which is your favourite book and why?

Well, I'm constantly building my habit of reading books, Good Books, and out of the few that I've read, my favourite one is, 'THE POWER OF NOW', by Eckhart Tolle.

The author himself is the protagonist, who steadily and constructively etches in our mind, the massive power, the massive strength that NOW, the Present time holds. The book leads to an introspective mode, where one intensely thinks of his/her actions, and allows us to do what holds utmost importance and value in our life. It motivated me to be more participative, and vigorous, rather than being a mere spectator of the ebb and flow of my life.

If you were to suggest something from your personal experience, that could genuinely help your peers to accomplish their goals and aspirations, what would it be?

I'm a being, who firmly believes on strong imagination, belief and faith on oneself. It has the energy to accomplish all our aspirations into the physical equivalent. We need to have the burning desire, and a clear motive for why we are doing certain things, taking certain actions, which eventually may lead to fulfilment of our goals.

'Dreamer Achiever. '

Interviewed by - Mukund M

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