6 Recreational Activities That Can Make You Happier

Everybody wants to engage in some kind of recreational activities in their day to day routine. If you try to make the best out of it, it will define your personality and help in building your character. It is alluring if you develop these traits in your teens as ‘what you do today reflects upon your five years from now’.

Recreational activities play an important role in your life as it directs upon your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Make sure these are not the leisure activities that you do in your free time which are very passive and do not require any physical activity.

1) Physical Activities

Did you know that the lack of physical activities is the major risk factor for deaths? WHO facts it. Insufficient physical activities lead to cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. More than 80% of adolescents are physically inactive.

To change this disturbing fact, get out of your house and play some sports and games like volleyball, tennis, football, etc. It is extremely essential to sweat it out, at least 3 days a week, to keep your body healthy.  

2) Social Activities

One of the important traits of today’s world is to be civil when you are in a group. Teamwork is crucial in making an activity ‘a success’. You will need help from others to plan social activities like parties, picnics, carnivals, game nights and so on.

Consider rowing - you can sail on the water more easily if you work as a team than trying out individually. A task becomes easier if you do it with as many people.

  • To develop social-emotional behavior with the society
  • Helps in building emotional intelligence
  • Develops the habit of self-control   

3) Outdoor Activities

Camping, hiking and backpacking are the most adventurous outdoor activities. People who plan on camping select serene, undeveloped and natural locations.

Outdoor activities simply connect us deeply with Earth and it encompasses a wide range of sceneries. Some of the outdoor activities to do with your friends are rock climbing, skiing, sky diving, surfing, ice skating.  

4) Arts And Crafts

When you let art flow out of you, it helps in making the world a better place. As Professor Keating quoted in The Dead Poets Society, ‘But poetry, beauty, romance, love. These are what we stay alive for’, his point was entirely relatable.

Express your art. Create something memorable that stays even after you vanish. Some of the mesmerizing forms of arts include painting, sculpting, writing, architecture.

5) Musical Activities

Music plays a crucial role in self-development. The music you select represents your soul. Musical activities include playing in a band, being a pro in any one of the instruments, singing, dancing.

Every one of us would have definitely played musical chair in our childhood (wasn’t it fun?). You are never too old for a musical chair. Grab some chairs, invite your family and enjoy this weekend, playing your favorite tracks.

6) Service Activities

It always feels good if you do something for the society. You will be representing a cause and creating awareness in front of the masses. Some of the service activities include

  • Running a marathon for a noble cause
  • Fundraising for people and animals
  • Volunteering for working in non-profit organizations.
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Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi