American Presidential Election and Minneapolis


2020 has been a year of full ups and downs with many unseen challenges and conspiracies disguised under the cloak of agendas and politics.

So you probably had heard about the overly hyped drama of American elections, yeah now I know that it was an important matter but wait world has topics that also were important and so these elections are one of those topics.

So the electrifying thriller drama went on for a time until the curtain falls with Joe Biden being declared as the new president of the superpower America.

But among these, there were many instances when the war for the American power figure stood in the jeopardy and some of these moments felt emotionally very hard to the supporters of both the camp.

So well let’s dwell in the matter, and see what happened in the tipsy curvy election of America.

So What this Fuss is all About?

So as you know that the war for the election is not just bound to just 2 people throwing claims and promises around but it’s between the group of people who followed these claims and promises and align themselves with the leader.

Now one thing is for sure that you don’t see these leaders scratching up each other heads or wrestling each other, although it would be fun to watch, doesn't it?

But the actions, the protests, the rage is somewhat that in recent time became as a measure of the level of the excitement and participation in any election.

Now in this scenario, both presidential candidates have a huge base of supporters on their respective sides and as the counting preceded so does the entire temperament.

The supporters or protesters whatever you call were on the streets against the unexpected turn of events that was caused during the counting of various states.

And this was the reason that many supporters thought that there was some sort of malpractices or miscounting that had happened.

But Why does this Happen?

Well, the main culprit behind all this high voltage drama is the complex system associated with the American presidential election.

American constitution empowers every state in America to adopt its counting methods to achieve transparency and also to give the state the facility to adjust and conduct the election in the best possible way with the resources that it has.

But over time this system has seen both the dark days and bright days, many times the systems adopted by one state is questioned by the other state or worse but the whole nation’s protester.

And the very fresh example of this can be seen in this year’s presidential election as well, the former American president Donald Trump has sued 3 states for the miscounting as well as to completely go over the rules of counting in the late votes.

Now the debate whether it's right or wrong had been stretched around for the longest time and right now this article is not meant to do that.

What Happened in Minneapolis?

On November 4, a group of protesters set off fireworks and spray-painted business storefronts in Minneapolis at night.

Now why this incident is being talked about?

It is important because in this the protest not only took a violent upturn but also involved the loss of public property.

This protest had resulted in the arrest of 14 people.

It all started when a few dozen protesters marched through the city's Uptown neighborhood, bursting fireworks and carrying a banner that read “America is Over" as presidential election results from various states started to come in.

The protesters caused havoc with the blocking of traffic, spray painting, and soiling of various shop fronts that were there but they didn't stop here the group started to violently thrash around the debris, signboards, and traffic lights on to the street.

Although the police personnel present over there maintained a respectable distance from the protesters but after seeing the tables turning around and protesters getting out of control they were forced to tap into the scene to take charge of the situation.

The first red flag for the police was the fact that even after constant warnings protesters not only disobeyed the police but also shot crackers on their vehicles and streets.

Police arrested 12 adult females with one adult male who was charged under the suspicion to ignite and carry forward the riot.

Now on the other instance under the fourth-degree assault, one more adult female was arrested from nearby protest areas with an addition to the already existing rioting charges.

Although a crowd of onlookers yelled at the arrests that were made the voices fell on the deaf ears. Civil unrest was sparked in all cities across the United States as the 2020 presidential election started coming.

Written by - Yash Bundela

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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