Everybody Is Beautiful Just the Way They Are - Manila Pradhan (Model/ TV Celebrity)


I am Manila Pradhan, you may know me as the winner of Livon MTV supermodel of the year. 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

 I was born and raised in Sikkim, a North East Indian state, which is surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains.
I did my schooling and completed my bachelors degree in pharmacy there. I used to play basketball as well and was an active member of school basketball team too.
 I was always interested in fashion and used to watch fashion- music channels more than cartoons when I was little and occasionally used to get scolding for that too. 

2. How did you become a model and reach this stage?
 It was hard for me to convince my parents when I told them to give me a year so that I can follow my dreams. As none of my parents belong to glamour background, I can totally understand what they might have gone through. 
They finally agreed after several months of me convincing them. I headed out for Mumbai (City of Dreams) 
I learned acting in an acting school and joined theatre after that, I used to give a lot of auditions and luckily I got selected for MTV Supermodel of the year and ended up winning it, I am grateful for that. 
I am still learning,growing and chasing my dreams.

3. What is your opinion of body image created by the media and how hard is it to put up with it?
Let me put it this way, that everybody is beautiful just the way they are.
As per the question goes, I feel body image made by media depends on how you take it. 
When someone says ; Oh! You need to work on this part of your body or that part we do get distracted by their words at some level no matter how hard we try not to, I can assure that everybody feels the same at some point after all we are humans.
 Inorder to be unaffected by these things , you need to train your mind to accept yourself for who you are and if you are genuinely happy with who you are then I bet that nothing can shake you. 
Sometimes I feel that body image created by media is good if we take it positively because in that way if we really want to change and improve ourselves for better then such opinions can really push us to achieve our highest potential.

4. How important is social media validation in your profession?
To be honest social media validation from my personal experience I feel has a strong role in building one’s career in this profession. 
Social media is a huge platform and has millions of reach. It opens door of opportunities for work likewise clients will have you in their mind for projects that you fit in. 
Again I’m just saying it from my personal experience. At the same time I feel luck and hard work goes hand-in-hand, luck can bring miracles and hard work never goes in vain.

5. How can one take care of their mental health in this high pressure glamorous field?
Mental health must be given one of the top priority in any given field. When one’s mental health is stable/sound most of the problem is already solved which starts with a positive mindset. 
Inorder to take care of one’s mental health you need to have the ability to accept yourself for who you truly are at any given situation. 
You must always be truthful to yourself and should never forget your roots , you must always remain grounded no matter where you reach in life. 
When you do this you start loving yourself more and also will have the capability to love others too. 

6. What are some of your upcoming projects?
 I am already doing one campaign and will be in another one the upcoming year followed up by a small role (few mins) in one web series.
 I have given few auditions and will continue with that . Let’s see what future has in store for me, if it works then I’ll be happy thinking that my hard work has paid off.

7. Did you ever think or dream of doing a tv show?
 I was interested but never thought of being in a tv show but I am so grateful and happy that I ended up winning one. 
Way back, I was watching INTM finale with my mother. I don’t remember which season it was but I had told my mother casually that I’ll be there one day and you will be watching me on tv and she had asked, me trying to pull my leg “will you be able to speak confidently like them ?“ and I replied to her saying “mom everything will happen at the right time”.

8. For a compete outsider with no inroads, what advice would you like to give? 
I would like to share my own experience with everyone in whatever career/ path they are following that no dream is too big if you believe in it and work diligently towards it, it will come true. 
Always remember, things take time. Everything will happen in the right place and at the right time. 
You need to have courage to take risk in life. Two things will happen as an outcome.
 - it may work 
 - it may not work 
But at least you will be satisfied that you tried and that requires a lot of strength.

9. What is your mantra of success? 
I can’t call it as a success mantra but let me put it this way if you remain true to yourself, work diligently and have patience then life will never be unfair with you. 

“You must be your own motivation”
- Manila Pradhan
Interviewed By - Swathi V


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