Kajal Rajvaidya - We at KITS Opt to Start Teaching Robotics to School Students (CEO and founder - KITS)

Kajal Rajvaidya

Kajal Rajvaidya is a Woman Innovator in the Technology field. She has received various recognitions and awards for her devotion to Indian Technology Development. 

1) Tell us more about your company and your journey. 

KITS is a Multi-Paradigm Company having Expertise in Design, Development, Commercial research, Training, Service, and maintenance of engineering products. Today we hold 30% of the market share in all the above KITS work Profile. 

KITS Started with Educational Robotics training for school/college students from Akola, then it grew up to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and internationally at Bahrain, DUBAI, and the USA, Keeping our finger cross on all recent trends in Technology and Service with a smile. 

To reach KITS globally I searched for like-minded people across the world and shown them the vision of my perspective and I am thankful to all those people who believed in my dream of Making KITS a global leader in technology. 

2) How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it? 

The perfect question to Answer as an engineer I have never thought of opening any company as such, accidentally it had happened to me by the experience of my first job attempt where they offered me below dignity job over assembly line and on asking why this is so. 

The reply company gave me was a tight slap on my engineering career and it was “what do you know practically about your degree course?” and I got numb to this question and realize that day, that along with good academics, practical skills are also equally important to be furnished.

Hence thought of learning on my own and when I got confident about my skills this leads me to open a company to help others to develop their Industry skills in Engineering. 

3) Can you tell us more about the startup ecosystem changed over the years and specifically the ed-tech industry in India? 

Startup Ecosystem is yet not fully matured in India due to lots of reasons, out of which PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE ABOUT BUSINESS AND MARKET RESEARCH is still confined up to big giants and this is somewhere discourage the new startups and unfair balance of business models in India. 

This is so because the Indian market is more conscious about product pricing and then the quality. 

And answer to the second part of the question is technical education yet needed to re-framed as par industry because I see the huge gap between industry and academia and that what we opt to teach at KITS with the beauty of engineering excellence. 

4) What are your tips for the first time and aspiring entrepreneurs? 

One of the very important questions, today I can answer this because I have gone through the phase of making the company to that of working as responsible full-fledged CEO of the company at the age of 22. 

It is very tough in the current time for women entrepreneurs and this is not because I am a girl but because of disparity in opportunities for men and women. I never felt myself to be straggler, I thought of my self above all odds which I faced. 

Along with strong determination, confidence, and Technical Knowledge, the only one thing that inspired me and that “I have to do it and I will do it”. As you grow up you have to face all types of criticisms, don’t get afraid about it, and fight your own battle in your own unique style. Because no one can replace you at any time or not by any means. 

A final word of wisdom for newcomers Take a calculated risk and always keep plan B ready before executing plan A. also have some sink fund always in your pocket and the rest be then history. 

5) How can entrepreneurs overcome funding and scaling up challenges initially? 

Individuals getting into startups are full of energy, determination, and a handful of ideas in mind so the first thing one should follow as an entrepreneur is to document all the stupid ideas come in mind on paper and go on adding more fine form of your idea until you don’t come to a comfort level of sanctification to discuss it with others. 

This is necessary because idea developer and user have a different set of mindset and you are on the side of giving an explanation about your idea so be expressive as much as you can in minimum words possible, the idea should speak about your vision. 

Second try to attain some startup competitions as and when they are available. 

Third study all recent trends in the technology with which you are opting to come with an idea. 

Last but not least any Technology solution should be for the masses not for class, because to develop the technology for classes may take some time to flourish, so start with the basic idea having a great social impact and which could reach to masses as fast as possible this will gain name fame and money in all respect. 

Funding is still a problem in India, people don’t trust very fast on you, even I have faced the same problem before the launch of my commercial product which won the first prize at Startup week in Maharashtra. 

Thereafter this qualification holds me responsible to make the commercially viable products in hand and thereafter many angels investors have approached me and we got signed some Financial MOUS with them. 

The first break is very crucial and that is true for every one of us and I have also gone through the same experiences in my life. For better products and good Ideas, there is always room open for getting funding just you have to hit the right ball at right time and don’t miss the single opportunity coming in your way. 

Everything happening around you always will have some reason and result in your efforts too. So always opt to give your best possible efforts in all respect. 

6) What impact do you want to make in the education ecosystem? 

The answer to this question needs lots of correction in the current education system so merely if I say I wish to see such impact with my current practice will be quite immature to say but still if it had been asked to me I see in coming days we will be able to bridge the gap between industry and academia through our worldwide training programs in engineering and life sciences field. 

We at KITS opt to start teaching Robotics to school students from 10 years and above because to be a technology developer minimum of 10 years of practice is very essential. 

We are in process of connecting peoples all around the globe to come on a common education platform at KITS. Let’s see how much success we get in our efforts. 

7) Which is your favorite book and why? 

Instead of saying about books, I can say to whom I admire and why? 

I see Elon musk for his fanatic determination, I closely observe Jack Maa for thinking of the first online store, I do see Bill gates who first thought that Software could be an Industry, I also do see Ratan Tata for his countless efforts in making the economy car and for his devotion for country. 

I see all great business leaders even after downfall they have raised up and embarked their name on world Forum by all means. But to specify some books I can name some THE TATAS, THE CODE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MIND, THE INNOVATORS, etc. 

BUSINESS TODAY AND TOMORROW one of the best books to read. 

Kajal Rajvaidya

I am Kajal Prakash Rajvaidya heals from a very small city of Maharashtra (Akola) was enthusiastic and curious about Technology which leads me to Do Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication and with great efforts. 

I accomplished my Bachelors of Engineering from Shreeyash college of engineering and Technology, Aurangabad in the year 2014 and Since then thought to come up with a great business idea in mind to give the best possible practical education to society with an ample amount of job opportunity in hand in India itself to which KITS has reached to it esteem position in India today.

CEO and founder - KITS

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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