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Kpy Raja

Kpy Raja is the Title winner of Kpy champions season 2. He is the finalist of Kpy season 6. He acted in almost all of the realityshows in Vijay tv (Athu ithu yethu, Super singer, Ramar Veedu, en kitta mothathey, bigboss finals..etc). He is a professionally trained Theatre artist.. He has performed 1000+ events and Hosted 500+ Events as MC.He has worked worked in Puthiyathaimurai, puthuyugam, Jaya tv, Raj Tv and Polimer Tv. 
He is also a script writer and has written scripts for Siricha pochi, Kpy season 7, super singer juniors season 4, Kpy champions season 1&2. He has acted with Santhanam as a friend in the movie name called "Server Sundaram" which is yet to be released.He is the found and CEO of the YouTube channel "Branded-Bachelors" which is having 224,000* subscribers.

1. Tell us about your background and journey

My Self Raja, born in a village called Desur in Thiruvannamalai District, I was 10 months old when I was brought to Chennai and till now I'm still residing in Chennai. My father is a tailor and my mother worked as a house maid till I was doing my 10th grade

Basically I'm from a very poor family where we (Me and my elder brother) used to eat our lunch in the govt school lunch scheme (Sathunavu). My brother finished PhD in microbiology and he is working as a manager in a private concern. I have a younger sister and she is doing her 11th grade.

 I am married and I have a 6 year old daughter and my wife is a home maker. However, talking about the background, I see only the confident and talent as my family’s wealth. I learnt a lot of professionalism from my father and my brother, they both are very hardworking people and I took them as my example and applied in my carrier.  

My journey is which is still on is wholly because of my wife who helped me to search for opportunities towards media. She was working with a MNC company and took care of the family for 5 years.

2. How did you take a break in industry?

I started my stage performance when I was studying in 7th standard during annual day celebration in my school. I used to write poems, songs and won many times in oratorical competitions zonal level, so representing my school in the zonal level competition was my first experience on the floor.

 Then, the travel made me to win many prizes and my tamil teacher “Mr. Murugan” and few friends from class always encouraged me to do many things. After, school I joined in “Guru Nanak College of Arts & Science” whereas I found the real Talent in myself. 

During the school annual day functions, I was the mimicry performer and Entertainer in my school, but in the college, there were many competitions, but I always got my slot to perform and prove. I met Yogi in my college first day and he is my class mate too.

 We both started sharing our fantasy thoughts and got many opportunity to perform together and we became very strong and huge competitor for other colleges. We started learning “Theatre Arts” for cultural activities and we won many state place and we won the best director of mime awarded from Indian Mime Academy which is created by Indian Mime Dhadha “Niranjan Goswami”.

Whatever I was doing to showcase my talent to others, but that was not accepted by my father, since he always wanted to study and not to go to any of these cultural activities, But, I never stopped that. For family situation, I was working in a corporate company for 4 years. But, the dream I had was not this. 

I took myself up and made a bold decision that I want to enter into the industry I love where through-out my college days I worked for that only. After my bold move, I started visiting many channels for the opportunity. The result of my move, so far I have worked with “Puthiyathalaimurai Tv, Puthuyugam, Jeya Tv, Polimer Tv and Vijay Tv*.  Still I have lot of trouble to prove myself  and will work for that always.

3. What attracted you towards starting a youtube channel?

While working with all the channels, I found the similar issue which is not allowing me to show what exactly I am, because I was working for them with their requirements through my talent.  “An Artist will be showcased to the world only when the artist find the freedom to show his art”

So far I had many freedom but that was not enough to convey since there are lot of comedian out there, I wanted to be a creator, because we write our scripts when performing on the TV and I was working as script writer also, so I wanted a platform to show what I have in my mind. This is not only a Idea of Raja, It is the idea of a group who are travelling with us from the college days.

I see You tube as my tuition and I learn many things day by day. Branded Bachelors is our you tube channel name and we wanted all the contents to be in good quality but starting stages I personally struggled a lot to make videos since we were not having the technical team for us and also financially, but using our friend’s contact, we started doing videos and we have 224K subscribers and we still struggle to make videos because of financial issues but I have a clear and better ideas to move on and literally waiting for my sun to raise.  

4. Do you prefer digital as a medium or do you enjoy doing live gigs more and why?

That’s a nice question, but taking digital as medium is up-to the Individual who use that, because all the medium we have is to entertain the audience. I can see many corporates seeing Digital as an investing medium but I can see many using Digital as a platform to show their talent and many use it as their optional medium. 

Further, doing live gigs are the actual life of a comedian, I love to do it always even though the live gigs can also be performed in Digital too, however, talking technically, maximum of the shows are recorded and edited, so if you have a knowledge of doing that in any platform, then all is your medium.

5. Tell us your experience in working as a mimicry artist and what are the challenges you face?

As a mimicry artist, I am very much satisfied because I have performed in front of the actual artist, like Pandu Sir. But, as a talent I always think that I didn’t get what I deserved, not only myself, my family and friends also have the same feel. But, I decided that my aim or goal is to prove, so no matter what happens, I am sharping my knife.

When you become a mimicry artist, you can take any person to the fantasy world, if you want to wish some with the actor voice they like, that’s called satisfaction.  Satisfy others and get satisfied.

Troubles are there, it can come physically or mentally but we have to build your confident and talent more stronger than anything.

6. What impact do you want to make in this world?

I am a guy with lots and lots of social views and my writing proved that in many episodes and I was recognized as the massage teller to the public.  Even in our You tube channel , we have a show called “BlastU” which we make to clarify the issues around us and we talk politics also and we spend atleast 10 days to do the ground work for the script and the shoot will go for 13 hours and we will stand and finish the episode with the element what it needed. 

When you convey a comedy you see the smile on the face of the audience but when you tell a social message through comedy, people will get both fun and knowledge. So I get that knowledge and share them to the people who need it.

I have a clear view in the society that, politics is not the thing we should go and fight for, actually you should know that you are the person with the deciding and changing authority. Its not only just politics also for the Environment, Cast diversions and all the issues around you.

When you are able to create many problems, you can able to make many solutions by understanding your rights.   

7. What do you believe is one thing that often stops aspiring artists from achieving their dream?

Believing, Plan and Execution

You should not see the word 'belief' only as a word. It’s the word with all your life in it. First, you should understand the situation where you are in, because media is not a place where you can get a job for your survival, it is the place which can give you a life and at the same time you wont event get job to survival. 

As like we do the enquires about the place to a friend before going to the tour, we should have reality knowledge and gain the mental strength to face all issues before getting into this field.

Don’t wait for the valuable opportunity, Opportunities are always valuable.

Once you start believing in you, you should have the plan, so that no one can’t influence you with their thoughts. We always should decide either we are going to travel individually or with a Team. When you are travelling individually it is like riding your own bike, but as a team, it is like travelling in a bus, you should take care of you and others too.

Once you started believing yourself, you will plan, once you planned, learn how to execute. I seen many people and myself failing in the execution because of lack of knowledge, so we should have the knowledge to execute.  Never feel shy to learn

Just only your talent cant make you to win, your qualities, your character and your humbleness will take you to the dream. 

Kpy Raja

Kpy Raja

Kpy Team/ Theatre Artist / Emcee / Game Host/ YouTubee /Mimicry Artist

Instagram id - @kpyraja

Youtube channel - Branded Bachelors

Interviewed by - Ananie Borgia 

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