The More I Learn About the Problems People Go Through in Their Daily Life, the More Inspired I Feel - Priyanka Nair ( Top 75 Mental Health Bloggers)

Priyanka Nair is listed under the top 75 mental health bloggers. Founder of Sanity Daily, she is on a mission to spread mental health awareness and help her readers prioritize their mental health. She is a SHEROES champion, Amazon approved Influencer, social influencer, poetess, and mother to a 7-year-old lovely girl.
She has been featured among the top bloggers on multiple platforms and her blogging journey has been featured by YourStory, YouthkiAwaaz, WomenWithGifts, and SHEROES. 

She is a certified NLP and Mindfulness practitioner. She conducts webinars and sessions on stress management with Institutes and Women groups. 
Author of "26 Days and 26 Ways for a happier you" and " Ardhaviram". She has won many awards for her work. Slowly embarking on her entrepreneur journey she manages 2 blogs, a Youtube channel, and a Podcast dedicated to spreading mental health awareness

Tell us about your background and journey?

Priyanka Nair has been working in the field of Blogging for the last three years and has been promoting mental health through her blogs and videos. 

Founder of Sanity Daily. Spreading Mental Health Awareness through her blogs, podcasts, and YouTube Channel. She started her journey as a personal blogger with her first blog Virtual Siyahi, when she was diagnosed with Lymph Node Tubercular and dealt with mental health issues for the first time. With the popularity of her personal blog in two years, she came up with her own venture Sanity Daily where she helps women to forge her own path and make mental health a priority in life.

She has won awards for her first eBook "26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You" and then she made it free to download on her website Santy Daily. This book was among the top non-fiction list of Women's Web in 2019. She conducts independent workshops on stress management at NGOs. Very recently she had published her first Hindi Poetry book "Ardhaviram", available at Amazon.

Priyanka started with two initiatives in the last 6 months. First named, "Humanity Ki Chain" A mental health awareness video series on her Youtube Channel where she invites guests to share their views/personal stories on mental illness. Aim: to enable people to talk and raise awareness.

Second initiative "Letters of Compassion" where she sends handwritten written letters to 12 people every month who are connected to her in the virtual world or who wants a letter from her as a reminder of self-worth and self-awareness.Aim: to bring back lost personal touch and spread humanity.

She is an MBA with 6 years of work experience but when she received her calling as a medium to spread mental health awareness she decided to upgrade herself in this field, hence she did few certification courses. She is a certified NLP Practitioner. With the help of Mindfulness and talk therapy, she conducts stress management sessions and workshops with teachers, youths, and women. 

Her work has been featured at esteemed platforms like SHEROES, YourStory, and Youth ki Awaaz. She has been recognized as a SHEROES champion where she tries to inspire thousands of women daily. Her blog Sanity Daily is listed under the tops 75 mental health blogs in the world. She is slowly embarking on her journey from a blogger to an entrepreneur.


Where do you find inspiration to churn out the content?

The more I learn about the problems people go through in their daily life, the more inspired I feel to create good content that could help my readers. I research and read a lot, learn new things, upgrade me just to be able to help my readers, the tips, hacks, and information should help them gain a different perspective towards life.


Is it financially stable to become a full-time blogger?

Blogging is not that easy as it seems to be, creating original and unique content every single day is a challenge in itself. One also needs to put a lot of patience, some money, and time into blogging, blogging never shows immediate results, it takes time for a blog to make its own identity. To stand out in the crowd, where every day you will see dozens of new blogs coming up in the community.

Yes, blogging is a great source of earning, established bloggers earn up to millions of dollars via their content but it is not only blogging, it how you make the optimum use of your content, your site, and you as a personal brand. For a blog to be monetized you must learn SEO, optimization, create compelling content, and be consistent with blogging. Some bloggers even become blog coaches, parenting coaches, life coaches with their experience over time.


What are the major factors you think can affect a person’s mental health?

There are several factors that ruin a person's good mental health but the most common of all is financial stress and relationship stress. In our society, we are not allowed to express our emotions, if we do so, we are termed vulnerable and week. No medical help and lack of safe space to vent out is another big problem.


Comment on the prejudices that society has towards mental health especially in Indian society?

Society is one of the major culprits in aggravating one's mental illness. There is a lot of shame and stigma attached to people suffering from mental disorders that don't allow them to come put, talk, and seek help. It only worsens their conditions. Besides, our society is deeply inflicted with a disease called JUDGEMENT, they make things worse for people with their unsolicited advice, loose statements, and snide comments. 

I believe everyone is fighting a dual fight within, you never know what a person is going through so at least we can be kind and empath enough to not cross the boundary line.


Which the book would you recommend to our readers and why?

I have always been an avid reader and I love to explore the non-fiction genre. The day I started reading self-help corner, I stopped reading other books, I am in the endless search of meaningful books, and these books listed below, have made some concrete influence on me.  So here is a list of 25 self-help books you must read in 2020.


Interviewed by - Shruti Gupta

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