Stress Management - What's the Parents' Role?

Nowadays people are living a stressful life due to rapid change of everything in the name of development. Due to stress a person always has emotional or physical tension. It can come from anywhere which makes a person feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge, demand, or opportunity. 

Stress is not only among adults and older people but nowadays, it is also common among children. The pressure of studying on children has also increased these days. Due to increasing competition for entrance exams and colleges, parents and teachers also sometimes put more pressure on students to perform better. 

Apart from parents, peer pressure, bullying, fear of teachers, etc. Are the reasons which result in stress among children which leads to mental or physical pressure, not only on studies but there are many other reasons for stress among children. Bullying is also one of the common reasons for stress, anxiety, and fear among children nowadays. Bullying is making fun of someone either due to their physical or mental conditions.

Lesser Communication Between Parents and Children

Due to the extraordinary expectations of parents and less communication between children and parents, children feel that they are all alone, and they need someone with whom they can share all their feelings and problems. As, every person in the family is busy with their own work, so children get limited time to spend with family members. 

But children need the time of parents for their support. Limited time is not the only reason for the communication gap between children and parents. Many times due to the age gap, children face difficulty sharing the issue with their parents.

Sometimes due to fights between parents and domestic violence, the child gets disturbed and cannot share this problem with any person in this atmosphere of fear. This creates a negative atmosphere in the house which leads to stress in children if continued for a longer period. So, parents should keep this thing in mind that these events create a negative impact on children and their relationship also.

Parents should always notice these unusual behaviors of their children and talk to them. Also, they should always talk with teachers and friends of their children if the child does not share the problems and feelings clearly with them.

Feelings of Loneliness and Stress From Schoolwork

The burden of studying is increasing on children due to the long syllabus. They have a tight schedule as studying takes away children from the outer world and isolates them from others for a long period. This could lead to them becoming more introverted. This introverted nature makes it difficult for a person to discuss their problems with other people or their family.

Teachers are giving more homework without thinking that the child needs some free time to practice a hobby and spend time with friends and family members. Teachers should also notice that studies should not create a burden on children.

Bullying also leads to loneliness and introverted nature in someone’s life. Laughing and making fun of someone can make a person feel embarrassed. Thus bullying can increase stress in children. There are many cases of disorder in children due to bullying in schools or colleges. Bullying leads to a person feeling loneliness, anxiety, depression, etc. 

Keys to Stress Management

It is required for parents to notice the behavior of children if they feel something unusual, as their children might be facing stress-related problems. If so, you should talk with the child and try to understand the problem they are facing. Parents should never talk with the children rudely, and try to find the solution for the problem. Also, parents should not control their children and make them feel comfortable.

Talking is not only the solution but there are many other methods for stress management among children. One of the most important things is exercises and outdoor games. Exercises and playing games makes the child happy and also makes the person’s nature extrovert as they get time to spend time with other people. Parents should try to create a positive atmosphere in the house.

Parents should help the child manage their time between studies and other things. While making timetables for children, they should keep in mind the importance of outer games and interacting with other people. Parents should motivate their children for small and big achievements. 


Stress at an early age is harmful for children. It always requires a permanent solution and the best solution for the children's stress is through counseling and a positive atmosphere in the house. There are many reasons for stress in the child, like pressure for extraordinary performance, bullying among children, study burden in schools, etc. There should be a proper chat between parents and children without any communication gap or age gap. Parents should not put pressure on children for exams or entrance exams.

Bonding between parents and children is required. This bonding will help the child to get out of the problem. Due to proper communication children feel comfortable while sharing their feelings and problems with parents.

Written By - Praveen Sharma

Edited By - Dana Asnan