6 Approaches To Work On Your Passion

What would you like to do a whole day without feeling compelled? What is the one thing that makes you happy to work on? If you know these answers, great! But there are few of us who don’t know what they want to leave behind as their legacy. This article is for them.

What Is Passion?

Passion is something that you love to do even if it is extremely tiresome and consumes all your energy. Passion can be something that you do it for a living, if you want. It is mainly that one thing that gives solace to your soul. You will experience joy while doing it.

Difference Between Joy And Happiness

You may wonder that these two terms are similar. No, there’s a slight difference in them. Happiness is something that is sensed by us due to external factors. Joy is only experienced if you make yourself content.

There may occur many moments of happiness and sadness in our lives but we live for the joyous ones! Make sure you find them.

There are two reasons why you haven’t found your passion yet:

a) You know what you want to do but you’re too afraid to pursue it

b) You’ve not found your passion because you’re too afraid or too distracted to explore

6 Approaches

1) What drives you?

You have to sit and analyze the thing that you are truly passionate about. When you are confused, go back to your childhood. Passions hardly change even if you grow up. You may stumble upon some new ideas that fascinate you but there was always that one thing you loved to do since childhood.

2) The next step

If you found your passion after illustrating why you love it, the next step is to work on it. For example, if your passion resides in serving the country, you have to find means in doing so. Ask yourself if you want to be a politician or a public servant in a government office.

After identifying, start preparing to reach your goal.  

3) Find ways to earn money from it

We all live in a materialistic world where money is needed at the end of the day to fulfil our requirements. If you are okay with your passion not providing any income, then find a job that is career-oriented.

But if you turn your passion into your source of earning, you are smart!

4) Make sacrifices for it

“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice”

- Napolean Hill

Nothing is born in a single day. You have to be on board for the whole journey. While at it, there will be obstacles that require sacrifices from you. You have to be ready for everything because the end result will be completely fruitful.

5) Discriminate between pass time and passion

Sometimes, people get confused with hobbies and passion. If you do things in leisure time to pass it, then it is not passion. Passion is something that burns inside you, that doesn’t let you sleep on nights.

6) Design a clear path to follow

When you start to work on your plan, you will surely reach your destination.

Here are some ideas that you may consider about:

  • Write contents or stories that justifies your imagination
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Save lives
  • Develop a game

Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi

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