Biggest Blue-Whale Ever?

A viral image on Instagram and Twitter claims that it shows one of the biggest blue whales ever caught on camera "during a helicopter ride". The image captures a blue whale-like creature under a bridge on social media.

We searched using 'Biggest Blue-Whale Under Bridge' on Google Images and shared an Instagram post with a handle called 'umutrecberart'.

The Instagram user posted the image on July 26 and said that the photo editing tool is the result of digital manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.

The caption of the picture was - “(NOTE - This is my own digital manipulation study. It was created by bringing two different photos together. Photoshop was used as a mode of tool. Thanks to everyone who conveyed their best wishes to me for the artwork that I have done. I hope you will be pleased with my work. Good day to everyone)”

The Authenticity of the Claim -

The claim with the photo-shopped image is false. The image shared as the biggest whale caught on camera is actually a digital creation of an Instagram user by the name of 'umutrecberart'.

And this is not the first time a fake picture was circulated on Twitter. The claim was false. It was falsely viral all over social media. So, before you share something on social media, it is recommended to check the source and hence,  the validity of the news.

Written by - Akash Agrawal

Edited by - Daity Talukdar

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