Dr. Wajiha - If Your Content Is Good, You Can Make All the Other Things Happen (Influencer)


I think the world thinks of dieting as a way to eliminate certain food groups in order to be "Healthier". I personally have been a victim to all kinds of gimmick diets and I don't believe that is the answer to anything. 


1. Tell us about your Background and Journey.

Hey there, I was born in Abudhabi, UAE and then went on to do my Bachelors in Dentistry in Karachi. Then I got married and moved to Jeddah, KSA. I was always drawn towards teaching, organizing, creative expressions even as a child. 

And I eventually decided to take a break from Dentistry and pursue my passion and see where it takes me. Hence the page Butter Over Bae, which now seems to be something I'd never give up.

2. What inspired you to start a page on Instagram?

Hahah MY friends mostly. I don't know if inspired is the right word because they practically PUSHED me to do it. I would do a lot of hosting, experimenting and cooking and of course the associated organizing in the kitchen. 

And I'd spam my friends with pictures etc. I don't know what they saw or if they were just annoyed, but they practically opened my IG page for me, which I then later converted into a website as well. 

3. What are your views on Dieting?

I think the world thinks of dieting as a way to eliminate certain food groups in order to be "Healthier". I personally have been a victim to all kinds of gimmick diets and I don't believe that is the answer to anything. 

A balanced diet is much more important in my opinion, with portion control and a little less process food. 

4. How can one maintain Taste as well as Health?

All my recipes come with low cal, dairy free, sugar free options to allow my readers to choose how they want to make a certain recipe. Having said that, good food doesn't always need to be deep fried or indulgent. 

Infact, some of the most delicious food I've had are actually low cal! Like Tangy Lentil Oats, or Chicken Oats Kebabs etc. Here's a couple of things you can do to maintain Taste and Health

- Use coconut oil or olive oil for cooking instead of regular oil

- Air fry or bake food that is required to be deep fried, with a small amount of oil sprayed all over it.

- Make smaller changes, like for e.g, start mixing a small amount of whole wheat flour into your regular flour so that the taste change isn't very drastic. And you can slowly keep increasing the whole wheat flour quantity. 

- Using greek yogurt instead of mayos in recipes.

5. What do you think resonates with your followers about your page?

I'm an intense kind of person. I'll be honest. In real life too. I go all in. And that is how I explain recipes to my followers as well. Other than the recipe, I give them more details about how to fix problems they might run into, or why certain steps are done in that order. 

So it's not just recipes, it's also food knowledge that newbie cooks and seasonal chefs both can benefit from. If they hang around for my useless talks and sessions, then that is a surprise to me too! 

6. How do you keep yourself Inspired and Motivated?

That is one of THE hardest things to do! Mostly because you have no boss and no deadlines. You can easily slack and no one will be there to check up on you. 

The only thing that keeps me motivated are tangible targets and a goal chart that I have on my study table. It keeps me accountable and gives me the push that I need to keep going. 

7. What advice do you have for aspiring Influencers?

Um...I feel like I still am an aspiring influencer myself to be giving advice. But ok if I have to, I'd say the most boring thing you can think of. Which is, focus on your content! It really is king. If your content is good, you can make all the other things happen. 

You can approach bloggers, brands, friends etc, and they'll happily hype you up. It's always sub-par content that stops me from sharing new profiles. Secondly, consistency is key. No matter what your frequency is, you have to find a more or less consistent approach to your place. 

Some people who started with me didn't make it because they never really stayed consistent. They'd go on a long hiatus, most sporadically and rarely connect with their audience. Don't do that!

8. Which is your favorite Book and Why?  

George Orwell's 1984. This book was a recommendation by my best friend Fatima and is a fiction about being under constant surveillance. The fact that this book is becoming more and more relevant each passing year is uncanny and I hated that I loved reading it. 

- Dr. Wajiha

Interviewed By - Serene Ingle

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