32 People Killed in Suicide Bombing in Baghdad


Recently twin suicide bombings were witnessed in an occupied market of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, which has killed at least 32 people, and many are severely injured. The suicide bombing explodes the Bab al-Sharqi marketable area in central Baghdad.

This incident has intensified the political tensions as the government has planned early elections this time and also the country is facing a severe economic crisis in this pandemic.

It was the disastrous attack on the city in three years when another suicide bomber targeted the same area. The first attacker brought out the attention of the crowd at the busy market in the capital's Tayaran Square by pretending to feel sick and then exploded his explosives belt.

As more people gathered at the scene by the noise and screams of victims and tried to help them, a second suicide bomber set off his explosives. Blood was all over on the busy market.

Iraq's health minister Hassan Mohammed al-Tamimi said that some of the wounded people were in serious condition. Iraq's military previously said that the number of dead at 28.

The Health Ministry also confirmed that all of its hospitals in the capital were advised to treat the wounded and ensure that soon all of them recover.


Was It a Terrorist Attack?

After the incident immediately no one took responsibility for the attack but in recent months Iraq has seen various assaults executed by both the Islamic State group and militia groups.

After midnight, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (abbreviated as ISIL) published a claim of responsibility for the assault on its online advertising channels.

Many speculate that this is a terrorist act executed by a sleeper cell of the Islamic State and this incident was done by them as IS wanted to prove its existence after enduring many blows in military operations.

A similar suicide bomb attack took place in the same area of Baghdad in 2018 shortly after when Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared victory over the Islamic State group. The attack in January 2018 is the first twin bombing in Baghdad when 35 people were killed and 90 injured in the same square.

It has been seen that militias have continuously targeted the American presence in Iraq with attacks, especially the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. However, the rates of attacks or suicide bombing have decreased since an informal peace was declared by Iran-backed armed groups.

The manner of recent suicide bombing was similar to those IS has performed in the past. But the group has rarely been able to move into the capital since being removed by Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led union in 2017.

An increase in attacks was seen last year as militants took advantage of the situation where the government's focus was on dealing with situations like the coronavirus pandemic and economic crises.

The twin bombings on Thursday 21 January happened just after some days when Iraq's government unanimously agreed to hold early elections in October. Last year in July Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi had declared that early surveys would be held to fulfil the demands of anti-government protesters.

Thousands of demonstrators held really on the streets last year, demanding political change and an end to unrestrained corruption and poor services. That protest faced severe violence and almost 500 people were killed in demonstrations as security forces used tear gas to disperse crowds.

At the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned the attack in Baghdad and said that it's a senseless act of brutality, and advised Iraqis to replace violence with brotherhood and peace.

FM Iraq’s Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said that Iraq needs assistance and support on realizing that ISIL is still a threat and the country needs support from the region and international countries.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Khadhimi announced that the citizens should answer against ISIL’s terrible crime.

US-led union troops in Iraq reported in October that IS was depending mainly on improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The US-led union had been helping Iraq's campaign against IS.

Last year as US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of half the American troops deployed in Iraq saying he had confidence in the ability of local forces to prevent a renewal of IS.


The Economic Crisis in Iraq

Iraq is also tackling a severe economic crisis which is due to low oil prices that have led the government to borrow internal reserves and took the risk of using up its foreign currency reserves. The Central Bank of Iraq lessened Iraq's dinar by almost 20% last year to meet the spending obligation.


This kind of attack who have targeted crowded civilian areas in Baghdad with suicide attacks many times in the past. This shows a safety failure by the government who has been unaware that ISIS is still active.

For Iraqis, this is a worrying period as now they have low confidence in the security forces provided by the government and hence amplifies the level of tension already present with economic and pandemic issues.

This horrible crime is a sad reminder that terrorism is still a real threat to peace in the world. The international nation must stand united against all acts of terrorism and try to maintain harmony in the world.


Written by - Supriya Singh

Edited by - Christeena George


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