Here Are 5 Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories

From sinister murals to doomsday bunkers, The Denver international Airport has been surrounded by conspiracy theories for over 2 decades.

Opened in 1995, built as a replacement for Stapleton Airport, The DIA is the 2nd biggest airport in the U.S. The construction time of which, fell 16 months behind schedule and the budget went over $2 billion.

Many bizarre features have always intrigued the natives to probe into the depths of the Airport which is twice the size of the island of Manhattan!

In spite of all these, the airport officials embrace the conspiracy theories and are using them for advertising campaigns!

“We have a CEO (Kim Day) who really embraces the conspiracy ideas,” Heath Montgomery, the senior public information officer at the DIA, told the Denver Post. “We decided a few years ago that rather than fight all of this and try and convince everybody there’s nothing really going on, let’s have some fun with it.”

There are numerous theories of which some are eccentric and some, intriguing.

Let’s look at some features of the airport that bubbled up the conspiracy theories!

1. The Underground Bunkers and Tunnels

There is a labyrinth of tunnels in the airport which contains underground trains and an automated baggage system which stopped working in 2008.

According to the theories, these tunnels lead to a hidden underground bunker which is created as a shelter, where the world’s elite, the billionaires and politicians could run into in the event of some sort of disaster or the apocalypse. Or even it could be a FEMA concentration camp.

Many believe that the defunct baggage system was a way to cover up the existence of the bunker.

When the airport was first built instead of demolishing the existing buildings, they were buried creating an underground lair. Theorists say that it could be the HQs of the Illuminati.

But the airport officials deny the rumors by pointing out that the 7,000 foot tunnels are used each day by the airport employees for ferrying luggage. Also all electrical and plumbing infrastructure end at the underground area’s lowest level making anything below it uninhabitable.

2. The Capstone

In the Jeppesen terminal, a capstone is laid over a sealed time capsule. Among the contents of the inscription, two things that rouses suspicion in people are, the Freemason symbol and the mysterious group: - “New World Airport Commission”.

And that makes way for the speculation that the airport is built by the Freemasons and relates to The New World Order.

The theorists also point out that the digits of the established date (March 19,1994) when added gives the number 33, the highest level one can achieve in Freemasonry.

Heath Montgomery, the previous media relations director of DIA said to Colin St John from thrillist that: “We do have two Masonic symbols on here because the Masons actually made this for us. It's not uncommon to have the Masons to be a part of large public facility openings, like an airport."

And what about the “New world airport commission”? A commission that doesn’t exist now but existed in 1994. “It's supposed to read ‘The New comma World Airport Commission.' It doesn't help because it says 'New World' right there.” said Montgomery.

3. The Blue Mustang Sculpture

Nicknamed ‘Bluecifer’, this 32 foot 9000-pound mustang sculpture with its glowing red eyes creeps out some travelers as well as is adored by some.

Theories interprets that the mustang relates to one of the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, depicted in the Biblical book of revelations.

The theory was strengthened, as its creator Luis Jiménez died in an accident wherein a large section of the Mustang sculpture, fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.

According to the Denver Post, the sculpture has no sinister meanings and the red eyes in the Mustang sculpture are an homage to the artist’s father who worked with neon lights.

4. The Murals by Leo Tanguma

Perhaps the most attractive at the same time a disturbing series of mural artwork for the travelers, portrayed in the wall space within the airport. Dead animals kept under glass, a soldier in gas mask with a gun and killing the dove of peace with a sword is definitely not a good sight for people coming to the airport.

The theories propose that the murals give clues to the end of the world, genocide and depict Nazi imagery and thus relating to some sort of fascist secret society.

But in reality Tanguma’s murals tells a hopeful story of peace, ill-effects of war and environmental pollution.

According to Uncover Colorado: 

The first mural is called, “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”, which is said to symbolize environmental destruction vs. environmental healing.

The second mural is titled, “Children of the World Dream of Peace”, which depicts a war vs. peace theme.

5. The Shape of the Runway

The next theory is again related to the Nazi where people noted that the runway resembles a swastika when viewed from the air.

Albeit the configuration doesn’t exactly look like a swastika unless looked from that perspective. According to the Denver Post: - ‘The rotating, fan-shaped design allows for optimal take-off into and against the wind from different directions, depending on weather and traffic patterns.’

After all, the conclusion depends upon you, whether these are conspiracy ‘theories’ or conspiracies.

Written by - Afra Meera Ahamed

Edited by - Gunika Manchanda


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