Kunal - Bloggers Sometimes Agree to Create Content on Barter Basis (Food Blogger)

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1. Please tell us about your background and journey.

Myself Kunal, I am pursuing graduation. I live in Delhi. So, I started my food blogging page in initial lockdown days with the idea of doing something productive and i used to post daily sometimes 3 posts a day sometimes 2 a day, when lockdown lift up I started going out with proper safety measures, so that I can give best content to my audience, I learn from lots of bloggers how to edit how to record and how to create different content still learning.

People think food blogging is about free food but it's not that I have to travel in metro daily from one place to other it consumes my time and then we have to struggle for natural light and then better angles. Sometimes we have to deal with demotivation when your post does not get good response. So we have still go with the flow.

2. Which is your favourite cuisine and dish?

North Indian is my favourite - Paneer Labbadar, Pav Bhaji I love ghee & butter loaded food.

3. Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

For me food blogging is just a passion I do it for fun I don't see any career in it for me as brands nowadays expect us to do promotion, make videos for them for free. Many bloggers agreed to create content on barter basis. 

When bloggers do collaborations on barter basis other bloggers who work hard, face difficulties in getting opportunities for promotions on paid basis.

4. Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

I recently visited a pretty cafĂ© Masson's in Model town, Delhi they have unique classy ambience, good food and excellent service. They have one of best desserts.

5. What makes you appreciate a particular dish or a restaurant and talk about it on your blog?

First thing that attracts me is the presentation, because jo dikhta h wahi bikta h, then the taste obviously and then it's value (price) it should be justified according to dish quantity and quality.

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

Not particular dish but I have a soft corner for desserts I do judge places because of their dessert quality.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am not really a book person, I only read my syllabus textbooks.

- Interviewed by - Anushka Gagwari 

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