Morocco, One Land With Unique Flavors and Cultures

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If you've never heard of Morocco, then you missed a lot, so let me take you to get to know this wonderful country. Morocco is an African country to the north, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Morocco has diverse cultures, where each city is unique to a different culture and sometimes a different language. Every city has its own charm, from customs and traditions to every corner of its streets.

Some of Morocco’s Cites

Chef chaouen is the blue Diamond of Morocco. It is a city on the mountain that has great landscapes and houses painted blue.

The secret of blue is still puzzling, for some say it is related to Jewish beliefs, with blue representing the sky and the sky reminding them of God.

Another says the blue is to keep the mosquitoes away and others say blue is the color of water, where the blue tones of the houses are the color of the Mediterranean.

Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and a city of fascinating features From the Hassan II Mosque, which is the mosque in Africa, to the Marche Bab Marrakech, which was the first fortress against enemies, to the Corniche of Ain Diab.

Tangier is a wonderful combination of tradition, and modernity called Europe in Morocco. Tangier is famous for El Kasbah and Phoenician tombs.

Traditional Music

Gnaoua musicians part of a rite called Lila, which means night in Arabic, and is used to summon the supernatural power in general. The celebration begins all night long after sacrificing an animal and then begins to play and burn incense.

The band wears colorful gowns and hats decorated with seashells, and these rituals finish at dawn. Malhun is poetry sung in the vernacular of Morocco. This kind of singing doesn't follow grammatical rules and extends to all strata of Moroccan society.

For the most part, it's just sound, but drums can also be used in this music. Gharnati music is very similar to Andalusian songs. Its ancestry is back to Granada Andalucia and instruments such as banjo and lutes were used in it.

Traditional Food

Couscous is a Moroccan dish in which couscous is steamed and served with meat, chicken or vegetables.

Moroccan chicken bastilla is a pie stuffed with chicken with saffron, ginger and pepper.

Tagine is a diverse dish containing chicken, vegetables, or meat that is cooked inside a ceramic vessel and eaten directly using bread.

Meat with prunes is a traditional Moroccan dish in which meat is cooked with different spices and then dried prunes are added with honey, a fine and complete mixture of sweet and salty.

Shebakia is a Moroccan sweet sesame cookie fried in the shape of flowers dipped in honey.

There's also peppermint tea, which is popular in Morocco, which is tea with lots of peppermint leaves and sugar.

Traditional Dance 

Dance is an important part of Moroccan culture as it varies from region to region. Shikhat is a dance known as belly dance in which women wear tight tar sweaters and long skirts with their lower body shaken.

Guedra is a folkloric dance performed by Berber women, who dress in spacious dark blue garments and a veil with exaggerated decorations, and begin kneeling round, singing and applauding with a woman who is dancing in the middle of the circle.

Ahwash is a dance performed in the Atlas Mountains area with many people around the fire in the middle.

Traditional Moroccan Clothes

Djellaba is wide, long clothing for both men and women. Gandora Looks like a Dejellaba, but with short sleeves. Kaftan is a long kind of dress that only women can wear, it was initially related to royalty, but now the general public can wear it.

Tackchita is a Moroccan dress that consists of two pieces, one of them is exterior, which has more embroidery than the inside part. This type of dress is often worn at weddings or events.

Festivals and Events

Imilchil wedding festival. There is a legend that two intersecting stars wanted to get married, but they came from different tribes, their families opposed the marriage, and they both cried until their tears were filled by two rivers separated by a mountain, which indicates that they would not be together even in the afterlife.

Every year a number of people get together in that place and celebrate, even though there's really no real wedding. They celebrate this festival as a symbol of love and tragedy.

Marrakech popular arts festival is a festival that takes place in El Badi Palace where belly dancers perform a show on the stage.

Marathon des sables is a festival that commemorates the Greek soldier Pheidippides, who walked 40 kilometers from the battlefield to Athens, Greece, to deliver his message and declaring the Knights' defeat, and then fell dead.

Kelaa des Mgonarose festival is an ancient three-day festival where people celebrate the harvest of roses. You can find anything made of roses, like rose breeders and vineyards and medicine. At the end of the festival, they choose the Rose Lady, where the women go out to dance with crowns of roses on their heads.


Written by - Aya Salah Zaki

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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