Tatiana Maslany Opens Up About Her Worst Moment

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Who Is Tatiana Maslany?

Tatiana Maslany is a Canadian actress who is incredibly praised for playing multiple characters in a science fiction TV series called Orphan Black (2013-17). She was born on September 22, 1985 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

She has appeared in various films, TV series, podcasts, video games and also as a sound actor in Bojack Horseman. She has been nominated for many awards and won even more times than have been nominated.

Achievements Of Tatiana Maslany

Most number of awards were bagged by her for Orphan Black in the categories of best leading actress in TV series, Breakthrough Performance-Female, Best female actress in science fiction,2013 and many more.

She gained huge success through the show and still gets numerous appreciation and praises for her role in the show.  

Tatiana Talks About Her Worst Moment

Every actor tends to face many ups and downs in his/her journey towards the success and same has happened with our marvelous actress Tatiana Maslany.

She shared her worst experience of her acting career which landed up in her life when she almost got her dream come true role in one of the Shakespeare’s play-based film.

She started by saying that she has never done Shakespeare and have always wanted to since she was 9 years old. One day, she actually got an offer to act in a film which was based upon one of his plays. She did not get into many details while talking about it.

She said that when she was offered the role, she was astonished by the fact that it could be her chance to live her fantasy. She met with the director and discussed about the role with all the details as the role was totally different and demands totally different methods and techniques.

Tatiana got the role but her imposter syndrome kicked in and suggested a work session to get into the flow of working and satisfy the directors with her performance to get into a comfortable zone. She was overjoyed with all the determination and excitement while actually working in her dream film.

After the work session was over, she did not receive any call for two weeks and when she did, it was call from rejection. Her agent informed her that she didn’t get the part as the film people thought that she is not appropriate for the role and can not do it.

She felt miserable and told that she was shattered. She thought it as an end of her acting career and she should just quit. She felt like she got herself fired after getting the role.

She started finding reasons in her mind for this rejection to feel a little better about why she didn’t get the part or where she lacked. She eventually made peace with a fact that this might not was meant to be.

On asking about that if she tried to reach to the director, she graciously answered “No. And I have been rejected so many times over the years so there’s no part of me that feels entitled to a part.

She further says that “As a perfectionist I’m never satisfied, so I have a pretty strong tendency to cut myself down. But I for sure have an ego. And I for sure love challenges and conquering challenges.

So, there’s part of me that’s very equipped to deal with rejection — being an actor and a dork, all of it. But then there’s also an ego that needs coddling. So, I don’t regret asking for that work session.

I really do value the collaborative energy between an actor and a director. Auditions are a weird, unnatural thing and we all really struggle with them because they do feel like a strange sales pitch, which is the antithesis of acting.

But I do also kind of get off on them. I love the energy of being nervous and that vibration that happens. It’s such an alive fight-or-flight feeling.”

Takeaway From Tatiana’s Experience

These wise words of her might inspire many of us who are still out there fighting daily and handling the rejections. It shows that rejection is a part of a process to become successful.

Just accepting it isn’t enough, working towards to eradicate it and making us a better version of ourselves is what should be done.

Written by - Somya Jain

Edited by - Keerthana Lakshmi

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