The Best Marketing Advice you Need to Know

It happened that you’re newly hired in marketing service and also you’re also a new student in a digital marketing class. Where you’re freshly hired, you realized you have ideas, but it does not necessarily mean you have enough skills to do a successful strategy. At first, after trying over and over where you are learning, you realized you have to do something about it. It means a lot of other extra matters than just knowing ideas.

What is a Strategy in Marketing?

Let’s take the example of a digital solution as a product, and this product will take a long time of making to be launched in the market. How will you make its marketing strategy? 

First, a strategy is a long-term plan or a short-term plan that determines what you would reach in the end out of it. It includes your goals and outcomes and your sales plan and how to advertise your product, it determines also to whom this product is targeted. All of those criteria are must be taken into consideration.

Our product is still in the making process; however, we should make a plan of it. Then, this strategy is called: Pre-launching strategy where you should work on making the product existing in the mind of your audience before launching it. We had in this case to deal with a digital marketing plan where we digitally make ads and share content. 

How does the Plan Look Like?

We make sure we know what is the product very well like the digital solution is as follows: an application that manages people long queue times.

1. What is the targeted audience that may hear out about the application and use it?

They are students and working people who are obliged to make queues in crowded places and have deals to finish them up. 

2. What are the places that they may need this application for?

Those places are banks, administrations, insurance services, and embassies. 

3. How are we going to advertise the application before launching it?

Digitally making, we will advertise by making campaigns and content on Social media and our websites. In classical marketing, we will make ads on Television that are short videos of how to use the application and put posters in the places where they can use the application. 

4. How many people should we have on Social Media?

We work on having 5K followers in our channels in the pre-launching term.

5. How many times do we publish?

We publish around four times a week around 8 p.m. 

6. What is the type of our content?

The type of our content is well centered and focused on the advantages people could have after downloading our application, where they can use it, and how they can use it.

7. How to boost our product to be downloaded later?

This can happen after boosting our content by making professional ad campaigns.

Usually, the plan is well set in a diagrammatic PowerPoint, this is just a well-simplified version of it. Usually, plans for new products can be done in the first term estimated by three months or six months. At the end of this period, marketers should analyze results shown in social media or websites called analytic to determine new ideas of content for their campaigns and to understand better their targeted audience or where to show their online product banners. 

Can Your Strategy Fail?

It can fail when we suddenly do not follow the plan, it can fail when we are not consistent and committed to it. A lot of product makers fail to target well their audience depending on what product they have; we should understand very well that making catchy and professional designs and content that we call nowadays marketing content is important to make your strategy strategic. 


Understanding marketing is the first key to be able to excel and to manage well how your marketing strategy can be. Being able of doing this will always make you in advancement in whatever you are doing. Understanding the product and the targeted audience is also a factor in the success of your marketing strategy; therefore, you better understand it and you better manage it well. 

Written By - Manel Benkhalifa

Edited By - Kashish Chadha

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