Jaswant Singh - Digital Marketing Is Plan, Execute, Learn, Implement, and Repeat (Head of Digital Marketing at Logic- Fruit Technologies)

Head of Digital Marketing at Logic- Fruit Technologies

1. Tell us more about your journey and background.

From childhood I have one thing common with me and also believe that whatever you do, do it with your full commitment and be happy what you get through your journey. Like during studies I always top the class, and during my college time I used to be in the toppers list in the state. 

This believes helped me a lot in my professional career also. I started my professional career as a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in back 2010. Initially it was completely different field for me as in India there is very limited resources to learn about this field. 

I learned lot of things consistently and experimented a lot. With the passage of time I learned the whole space of Digital Marketing by working in multiple domains. After working for almost 10+years now in the market, working with lot of people, and consulted lot of business, If I summaries my journey, I would say I learned that if you can add value to others, success will always follow you. 

It’s either your clients or business; till you add value, you are worthy otherwise it’s wastage of time and also resources. That’s it!

2. How according to you has marketing evolved over the years?

There are lots of changes I have seen during my journey. And few are really disastrous like Google algorithm changes in back 2013-14 (penguin, panda etc). This space of market is the most dynamic field and that is why I always stick to it. This filed always give you a challenge and you have to keep yourself up to date with the things to cope with the market. 

From working manual to the Automations, very limited resources to high end tracking and reporting tools and software’s, all things have evolved during this journey. Introduction of AI/ML and automations, life of Digital Marketer have become more worthy now. With same time and resources you can add more value now. Efficiency improvement and transparency in the work, that what we call it.

3. Where do most of your marketing budgets go, traditional or digital?

Being in digital space our budget always goes to digital platforms mostly. But as an organization there is a huge sifts from traditional channels to digital now. Working with multiple brands in B2B or B2C I’ve seen that marketer keep near to 30% of budget for traditional marketing (events, offline meets, outdoor marketing) and rest for digital now. 

Now a day it’s easier to find your targeting audience online than offline. Due to the advanced software’s and tricks in the market, you can target very precise audience according to your need, and this is the only reason why people adopted digital channels quickly.

4. How can one reach the top echelons in marketing?

As I said earlier, add the value to your client or organizations, success will follow you. And my mantra of success in digital marketing is Plan, Execute, Learn, Implement, and Repeat! There is nothing you can achieve over the night, you need to be very consistent and need to believe on yourself. 

Set up goals for yourself and plan of action with to do list to achieve those goals and execute with hard work. There is no one who can stop you to get success.

5. How will marketing change in the next decade or so?

Technology advancements and its involvement to improve things in digital space are at its extreme now a day. So I think this is completely going to disrupt the market in coming years. Automation of marketing process and programmatic executions will be the key things in future also.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

“Wings of Fire” is a book that I really liked and read multiple times (Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s Fan). Otherwise honestly I am not a good book reader but to keep up in the work I have read few books about marketing process. 

However I love to read blogs and articles from thought leaders and market trends. To keep up with the market changes you really need to keep reading things either from books or online. I prefer online channels by blogs and articles.

- Interviewed by - Sanjana Jain

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