Malini Konda - Marketing Professionals Need to Identify How They Can Incorporate AI Into Different Use Cases (Director Business Development at Streamoid Technologies)

Director Business Development at Streamoid Technologies
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1. Tell us more about your journey and background.

I started my career with Titan watches. We were the first group of management trainees at Titan and they gave us a stint in all the relevant departments before we were placed in our final roles. This was an exhilarating period in my career with deep learnings. 

I was a part of the core team that launched Timex watches in India. For personal reasons I had to move to Hyderabad and I joined a company Called ITW Signode as they wanted to get into the consumer market with a lubricant like WD 40. Post joining when I did the number crunching I realised that the market size that was being touted did not exist and ended up talking myself out of a job. 

With limited opportunity in Hyderabad for consumer marketing I joined the other side which is Advertising. Worked with Saatchi and Saatchi and when they decided to exit the Hyderabad market we started our own Advertising agency- Mindset EYW. Which within 2 years became the leading agency in Hyderabad. 

At this point, I have to move to the US and on coming back I joined Team lease to market Vocational training courses. It was at Team lease that I got over my mental block about technology and became fascinated with its potential. 

We used digital classrooms via satellite telecast to impart training in remote areas (much as we are using zoom and other platforms now). Post a sabbatical I joined Streamed a fashion AI company that connects the dots between AI and the business of fashion.

2. How according to you has marketing evolved over the years?

In my career, I have seen marketing morph from mass marketing to targeted marketing to content marketing and now it is moving towards one to one personalised marketing. And you can see some of this reflected in how Publishers defined themselves. Newspapers - Media houses- Content providers.

3. Where do most of your marketing budgets go, traditional or digital?

We are a B2B company and our communication is very focussed. Most of our budgets go to Digital and Events.

4. How can one reach the top echelons in marketing?

I am not sure if I can help here. It is not like I planned my career. I just focused on doing every job to the best of my ability and kept learning every step of the way. If I was to say one thing then it wold that to excel in marketing the person will have to be a good story teller with the ability to engage customers and build relationships.

Now good marketers have to wear many hats and do a very complex job. They need to work at the intersection of Product management/ Content/ Growth/ GTM strategies/ Events/ PR/ Social media etc all while keeping the Brand consistent across all mediums.

5. How will marketing change in the next decade or so?

There are two factors that I think are becoming more and more important AI and Data.

The current generation is the most tech savvy generation who is also searching for meaning in life. They are not just looking for products but also want meaningful experience. To build these intimate one to one relationship with customers at scale, brands will need to be AI driven. 

So marketing professionals need to identify how they can incorporate AI into different use cases like user journeys, Customer relationship management; advertising; social media etc.;- personalised content; incorporate relevant recommendations, Chatbots , Virtual reality experiences etc.

Marketing will become more data driven. Marketers will need to be proficient with data analytics to gain insights into customers and make their messaging more targeted. As more devices get connected with IoT the customer profiles will get enriched and Marketers who can leverage this to create smart customer centric connections will find success.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book keeps changing depending on the stage in life. Over the years to name a few I have enjoyed Frank Hubert’s” Dune” and Robert Jordan’s “ Wheel of time”; “My Brilliant friend” by Elena Ferrante; “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt and I can go on and on. 

The one book I have been reading every day for years now is the Bhagavad Gita. Each time you read it you get a deeper understanding of who you are and what life is. to impart training in remote areas (much as we are using zoom and other platforms now). Post a sabbatical I joined Streamed a fashion AI company that connects the dots between AI and the business of fashion.

- Interviewed by - Sanjana Jain

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