Marion Crampe - Has Been Featured in Various Blogs and Documentaries Such as ESPN Sport Channel, Ellen de Generes Show (Pole Dancer)

Marion Crampe

I didn't decide. It happened. I knew from a young age I would have explored this ride in my very own way. I didn't know when I started that my passion for pole dancing would give this incredible life all around the world and being able to make a living from it.

Marion Crampe

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I am Marion. 37 years of this lifetime experience. Passionate about multiple things and about other beings. After graduating, at sport university in France, a master specialized in sports for disabilities, I followed my journey along connections and opportunities. 

I have been always dancing /moving however I wasn't especially good at it, dixit my parents and teachers. Yet I always have been a believer. After discovering pole dancing in 2006 in Paris, I have traveled the world spreading my sharing as an artist, instructor and soul for over 12 years. 

Today I'm adapting to the world's conditions, blessed to be able to keep practicing what I love and sharing through virtual immersion.

2. How and when did you decide to pursue pole dancing as your career ?

I didn't decide. It happened. I knew from a young age I would have explored this ride in my very own way. I didn't know when I started that my passion for pole dancing would give this incredible life all around the world and being able to make a living from it.

Marion Crampe

3. How much hard work does it take to be flexible and balanced in body?

As anything you want to achieve (gifted or not), it takes constant work, time, discipline, dedication, belief and love. It is not easy. It is worth it and it is never granted. I still work each day with time for rest. Some days are less balanced, some taste bitter than others. 

Yet the passion is there, vibrant more than ever, after all those years , all those hours. One of my personal advice is to vary practices: I don't pole / bend .. every day. I like to run, to read, to do nothing physically some days, to listen to music, to meditate. Variety keeps my flame alive.

4. What is the most important in a pole dance performance in your opinion?

It is very personal. Each individual as a spectator will feel, see, experience one exact same performance in a different way. I will talk from a personal point of view. Of course I appreciate high skills and the magnificence of body abilities . Nowadays I'm resonating more with a performance. 

I can sense the artist himself. How it feels. Like sharing an inner talk throughout your movement. It takes trust. It takes exploration of vulnerability and strength. You can have it once and  never be able to repeat that exact way. I experience this from artists and also from non professional practitioners. It fascinates me to observe.

Marion Crampe

5. How was your process of becoming a professional pole dancer and instructor?

As the rest, it happened. I was a graduated fitness trainer from my studies. So I got this background of knowledge about the body and the ability to guide a group. At the time I started pole, it was at the very beginning of its expansion. The owner of the place (a strip club in Paris) I was taking classes at that time, proposed to me pretty fast to teach. 

I met my mentor L and I grew from there. Experiences, research, work and connections built the instructor and guide I am today. And I'm a student myself still today. I take classes of my peers, I explore other disciplines. I read  a lot and make sure to follow a path that fits my journey.

6. How did you create your own style?

I can picture different ways. It again depends on people and, also I would say , experience. From my own case, I always felt where I wanted to go .  At the beginning, the lack of experience and maturity, you "want to be ", "look like", fit... 

Then slowly growing up and evolving I started to embody my identity and expand from there. Not try to please and to be this or that... type of artist. Today at 37 years and a little more each day, I embrace the trust of myself and ... It is a fascinating ride.

7. What message would you give to aspiring pole dancers?

To believe it is possible. Failure and frustration comes before achievement. That you are enough and you can compose so much from what you have than you grow from it. 

It took me months to be able to climb or to invert. And voila. Seeking for better is great but with balance of acceptance. Discipline is my muse . It doesn't work for everyone. Yet I think a flexible structure helps to stay motivated.

Marion Crampe

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

I read ( I can hear my husband hahaha ) A LOT. we haven't had TV and canceled since quite a time any "netflix..." We read. And I literally eat books. I adore it.  I'm experiencing more and more vivid dreams. I'm nourishing my "seeker" soul. It would be hard to give you only one. So I will share a few: Some are fiction. Some are true stories and informatives.

"Corrag" Susan Fletcher. it moved me from within. The descriptive is incredible.
" The art of hearing heartbeats" Jan Phillip Sendker Wow. You just got to read it. It is good for you.

"Walk through walls " Marina Abaramovic You connect or not . Yet Marina is an artist I'm intrigued. She makes me think, question. 

She has been traveling the world sharing her passion for movement, spirituality, love and humour with students, other performers, artists and humans all over the world in masterclasses, shows and creative projects.

Some of her career highlights so far have been competing and judging among the pole community, performing in shows and events all around the world. Relating to this journey, she has been featured in various blogs and documentaries such as ESPN Sport Channel, Ellen de Generes Show. She hopes that she will be able to continue adding to this list in the future and is excited to see where life takes her next.

Modeling for unique photoshoots and photographers all around the world is an other one of the multiple tasks of this creative soul . Marion collaborates for original projects such in fashion, music, videography and other collaborations with artists of any kind.

Interviewed By - Anshika Maurya

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